Happy #Wensfriesday

I hope you have had a good half week and you’re ready to celebrate Wensfriesday with me.

Today has been a good day.  The sun shone for most of it and the children had a sponsored silence at school, so you can just imagine how peaceful that was throughout the day.  My groups of children worked very hard and I feel I’m making some progress with them.  The truth will obviously be told in their coursework but I remain optimistic.  

I didn’t get a call from the nursing home today so I’m assuming all is well with my mum. 

 I got to watch my youngest daughter dance at ballet because it was ‘watching week’.  She looked beautiful and I felt so proud of her dancing with girls double her height!  I couldn’t see her at times becaue she is so dinky compared to the others in Grade 2.  

Tomorrow is Library day and I get to spend the day challenging readers to try different genres, tidying up the beautiful little library I get to look after and running my chess club at lunch time.  The children will be champing at the bit to play because next week is the prize giving for the person who has clocked the most wins in chess this term.  I must remember to buy the boxes of chocolate and little trophies for prizes.

Yes, it’s been a good day and I feel that surge of happiness knowing I will end my day with a luxury bubble bath, a glass of wine and Thorntons chocolates.  Although they aren’t my favourite type, they are still delicious!

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about your day.  What did you do?  What’s your special #Wensfriesday treat this week?  Looking forward to hearing from you. 😊

Here’s a little something to kick off your evening of relaxation…


Picture courtesy of http://www.kitchenwiccan.com

12 responses to “Happy #Wensfriesday

  1. Isn’t it great to children perform? I loved watching my boys play sports, or do music recitals. You must have been very proud! I worked all day, but it was sunny, so that is always good. I think that I’ll go home, spend time with my family, have a glass of wine (no chocolates, I’m on a diet) and play a bit of guitar.


  2. It was all work today, but I feel good, as I scored a couple of major successes. My company, an American software solutions company, has been having a lot of trouble recently with a couple of large customers. One is in Mexico City, the other is in Brasilia. Top executives, senior managers, and engineers from my company have been all over both cases. I have been involved for the last few days. It seems that my proposed resolutions have been accepted and will work. That must count as two points to Lance!

    So, may I pour myself a glass of Malbec and settle down to watch DCI Banks?


  3. Chocolate and bubbles!!!! Yes, I am in!!!


  4. I wore my new glasses at work and was bossy all day :-). Happy Wednesday


  5. this is such beautiful – after a long day in the studio and recording – this is the best therapy!!

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