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Sunset romance

A fragile as glass
Heartbeats slowing
As shadows run past

Twighlight’s fever
Purple bruises so dear
The pain of living
In love’s final sphere

Dusk is moaning
Orange passion now gone
Blues are holding
Vigil over love’s song

Night creeps over
The warmth of the sun
Ink is spreading
Love’s colours have run


Tanka Poem

Following Colleen’s instructions on how to form a tanka poem, I decided to give it a try. Bearing in mind I have never written one before, I might have missed the mark slightly, so it might not be correct! 

My poem is based on my weekend morning ritual: 

Waking to the sounds of my children 

Their bodies flying onto my bed and their constant chatter 

The disruption of my dreams and peaceful state to one of full alertness

The warmth emanating from being near their enthusiasm so early in the morning. 

And here is the product of my ramblings…

Consciousness awake

Eager voices breaking peace

Chasing the morning

Like birds departing still lakes

Awakening the new day

Give it a try and tag me in if you do.

Have a great day. 

Is It Time?

Brush the crumbs from your surly face

Wipe the sweat from your brow

Tear the bands of disgrace

Is it time to say good-bye?
Wash your hands filled with regret

Stain the sheets back to white

One less moment to be discreet

Is it time to say good-bye?
Release my hand before you go

Tell the loved ones your surprise

Herald out to all those you know

If you think it’s time to say good-bye
I will stand here in the sand

Watching time tick by

Fading bit by bit as each day  washes away

Wishing I had the strength to say good-bye
As we sit and share this last meal

Heating ourselves on loves’ dying embers 

Memories locked on our current world of fantasy

As we both finally say good-bye


Vacant stare with lipstick to spare

Sparkly sun shining through your rum

Nowhere to go without giving a show

Is this really what you’ve become?
Random tests of pure intelligence

Forfeited for a quick buck

No real show of talent unless it’s alien

You’re just riding on luck.
One more click before a book signing

Who knows what’s behind your big name?

Probably down to the guy selling all those used rubbers

We know you from your stilletos to your shallow fame.


Book Tuesday

I may not be a Book Thief

As I watch the bloodied sands

Of time connecting destiny

To the evil of man,

A Girl On A Train may be the last face

I see this mournful night.
As we bid farewell to the children,

Their future now in hindsight,

A wishful dream of peace lays derelict

As I count the grains and cry. 

Last day

Last day of school

Works already gone

Submitting like fools

To the shopping throng
Get out our wallets,

Purses and bags

Time for festivities

January’s the drag!


Goodnight, though the candle burns strong

Goodnight, close your eyes and dream on

Wish for an hour, maybe two

More than what we had before I said goodbye to you.
Goodnight, as the shadows draw near

Goodnight, whilst you hand chases my fear

Wishing for your touch to never end

Our short time, if only we could extend.
Goodnight, now there’s no excuse

Goodnight, I have to set you loose

Wishing that my lips never left yours

Soft, sweet sanctuary where I am forever yours. 

Time to…

I’m cleaning out my closet

Paying up my bills

Counting the excess

Finding holes to fill
Passing temptation

Erasing my past

Throwing my lifeline

Over a steadier cast
No need to panic

Not yet anyhow

Soon all will be manic

When I turn back to being a cow

Autumn Berries and more

As I walk in the dewdropped field,

Berries shine brightly

Bobbing gently in the wind.

Dandelions down the furs,

Imagining their travels

So far afield to disperse

Their beauteous wish imagined.

Seeds lay abandoned next to crunchy leaves

Awaiting their upliftment on the welcoming breeze.

I watch the meadow sigh in delight

As fortold by their turning

Sleep written in their dying leaves

Till spring when they be awakened.


Consume my physical receptacle

Poor your passion as you will

Favour the inevitable

As I swallow the bitter pill

Of realising your incompetence

In more than a physical presence

Leave me yearning for more substance

In my search for a soulmate’s essence.