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Welcome to the Children’s Book Corner.

 I have a wonderful collection of stories for children aged 5+ and above.  Each story has a moral to it woven in an easy way to understand and keep your little ones entertained. Beautiful, imaginative illustrations bring the stories to life and for the older readers, 8+, Spoilt Miranda, Cecil The Bully and their friends will have boys and girls gripped with their exquisitely naughty exploits!

Feel free to click on the pics and links provided.

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How do you solve a problem like Bruiser?

Scat has had enough! Bruiser has been eating his food every morning, leaving nothing for poor Scat.  It’s time Bruiser learned his lesson, but little does he know that Bruiser has his own secret. 

Spoilt Miranda

Miranda is used to getting her own way all the time. Her tantrums, sulks and pouts are driving her family mad. One day the Police arrive with a strange, scary woman that looks like a raven. Their warning falls on deaf ears and Miranda thinks no-one can touch her. The summer family holiday sets the place where Miranda finds out what it’s like to be on the other end of terrible tantrums!

Available from Waterstones.
A Tale of Knots

A Tale of Knots…ever heard the story of the Knots in your hair? They are called the Knotsvillians and invade the town of Hairington any chance they get! Now there is only one hombre strong enough to remove the Knotsvillians. His name is LeBrush. Things are never easy in Hairington with those pesky Knots around. Find out what happens when they roll into town!

Let me introduce you to Cecil the Bully, the  next book in the series after Spoilt Miranda.Cecil and his minions manage to remove Mr Barns, their year 6 teacher, from class for a few weeks.  His temporary replacement is a far cry from the tall, strict teacher: she has long, black hair, similar to a raven’s and seems to follow the children with her dark, beady eyes.  Little do they know, Ms Crow is there to teach them how to behave, especially after their biggest prank goes according to plan.  Will Ms Crow teach these naughty pranksters how to behave, or will their wily behaviour continue to drive the rest of the staff at Arden White Elementary crazy?

cecil cover

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