I am an author.  No. I am a wannabe author, trying to make my way through the world of books.  I could kid myself and add my name to all those incredible writers out there, past and present.  Reality is, until my books are bought, read, enjoyed/hated/cause some sort of fuss…I am just a wannabe.

This is where you come in.  You, the reader; my judge, jury, fan or executioner.  You are the one with the power to move mountains of books.  You have the power to spread the word to others that these poor unread books exist and want to feel real, want to become a part of your lives…your memories.  All I ask is that you be kind.  Sending pieces of myself out to you is not easy.

The more I write, the stronger I feel I am reaching the ultimate book – the page turner that will keep you awake until the last word of the last sentence is read.  I know I haven’t reached there yet, but what I have written so far is still for your enjoyment.

Please, enjoy it!

Links to my book posts:

———– – Review of Deception – Review of One Month To Live

—————- – Cecil the Bully – Review of Scat The Black Cat – Review of Spoilt Miranda – A Tale Of Knots


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  3. I see we both won 2014 nanowrimo. “Well done”

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