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I stand here, looking through the bars at the world blanketed in white. The silence is deafening – my ears strain to hear any semblance of life out there, of hope. Continue reading


Mummy’s Day this side…

Cecily's Writings

It’s Mothers Day this side of the world … where I come from … Zimbabwe… it’s celebrated in May, as it is in many other countries. I haven’t yet researched why it’s different – I’ve just accepted!

I wish my friends and relatives who are Mummys, a very happy day, not only today but every day!

But let’s not forget to wish the Aunties and Godmothers and Grandmas, and Sisters, and Daddys who have to be Mummys too.

Mothers Day has expanded!

My two chicklets, my precious ones, are loved and nurtured by so many. They are who they are, awesome young adults, because of the people surrounding them. Their experiences, the love and guidance we have from all around them is just fabulous. It’s not only the people we have near us who influence them, but those far off too! I wouldn’t change it for the world … and…

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#Bookreview – Deborah A. Bowman and Christoph Fischer

Robbie's inspiration

The Healer by Christoph Fischer (2015-01-14)

Annie’s story, blessed with a gift by Deborah A. Bowman

What Amazon says

“Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift” is based on life in Colonial Massachusetts from 1630 to 1648. Annie’s message is timeless and her shining spirit reveals that “History Does Repeat Itself” with the treatment, abuse, labeling, and bullying of women, children, and individuals with special needs. In Annie’s lifetime, babies born with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death—their names cleansed from all church and legal records. Yet, have perceptions changed all that much? Have they changed enough? The answer is a resounding, “No!”

Annie came to me in an age regression that somehow slipped into a past-life regression by an Instructor of The National Guild of Hypnotists. Instead of returning to my childhood—WHAM! like hitting a brick wall—I was in someone else’s body, crushed in a pitch black hole, surrounded by wood…

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Saturday Night Poetry

Hello and welcome.

Any poet will tell you that events and people inspire the art. Our exchanges breathe moments of desire, passion and slowly dying embers of deceit or delight. As the intensity passes, we are left with the memories of the encounter and this rare beast is what we try to capture within our words. Well, at least I do!

This poem, for me, is the moment trust dies in a relationship. It could be a friendship, a loved one, a relationship with a workmate or boss. In time, we all experience events where life becomes art and the words that encapsulate that emotion are trapped forever.

I hope this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It doesn’t have a name yet. Maybe you could suggest one in the comments below.

Have a great evening.


Nuances once found endearing

Now grate against my skin

Scratching, screaming down my vertebrae

Telling me all your sins

Incompetence and flagrant misdirection

Needles picking at your consistence

Integral parts of my anatomy

Shouting out allegories against your existence

Deprivation within the biomass

This disorder known as yourself

Rip disregarded respect and faith

Away from all harmony; my loss, your wealth



Copyright held by ©Eloise De Sousa (2018)


The Anti-Suffragist movement #suffrage #women #MondayBlogs

Judith Barrow

treasures-61-8-No-Votes (1)Researching the life of  Millicent Fawcett , founder of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage, I was shocked to read that there was an Anti-Suffragist movement:

Women and men  were opposed the suffrage movement for a variety of reasons and by various means. Numerous opinion polls throughout the suffrage campaign continued to find the majority of women not wanting a vote. Some women’s commitment to this belief led to their active involvement in anti-suffrage campaigning. Others were hampered by their belief in women’s separate sphere of influence from a direct involvement in a political campaign and were relatively passive in support of their cause.

The bedrock of the anti-suffrage movement was an appeal to women’s femininity and the ‘natural order’. Suffragettes supposedly fell foul of the ‘norm’ and engaged in ‘unladylike’ and public activities. They were presented as women who had failed to reach the ultimate female goal in life…

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Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 26 — Emptiness

Teagan's Books

Saturday, March 3, 2018

I’m happy to see you here, in the faery land of Thistledown.  It’s already March.  Time continues to fly for us, but in Thistledown, they still haven’t managed to get to their biggest midsummer party.  However, the story wings toward a conclusion… eventually.


Writing Process

Thank you for bearing with me while I try to overcome my own “stuff” and write another episode.  When I finished the last chapter, I thought the story would go back to the point of view of our hapless faery, Bedlam Thunder.  However, it didn’t.  There was more to tell from Bob the hummingbird.  Now to Thistledown.

Previously in Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam

Accessing the dangerous and ancient tome, the Etheraris Spiregris, the crochet circle spoke the Perversion of Phantoms spell.  Working together they created a new opening to the black abyss, where Bedlam Thunder was trapped.  However, the opening…

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Book Review: Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Book Review: Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
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Thoughts by Mello-Elo

From the lips of journalist to the ears of man, we spread the news of feast and famine. Journeying across the desolate tundras of truth, hoping for respite from the biting winds of false conjecture, we pledge allegiance to infiltrating the gospel according to mankind, delving into the cultural juxtaposition of belief and science at this given time. Falsehoods collected from the past are embraced as tracked memories scoured and processed by historians are ignored.

The fallacy of man is to continue a destructive life cycle while other animals evolve. We sustain ourselves by maintaining an arrogance, an ignorance to our own intelligence’s weaknesses. When it is too late, we get to realise that all those crossroads littered with dead religious beliefs and outdated morals were the pivotal points in manhood’s demise. Historians will pick through the bones, licking at the remnants with a taste of their own tradition tainting the original flavour, setting new stories for the falsehoods of future mankind.

This is our legacy. This is our belief in justice. This is our history.

Snow Day

White flakes silence the world

Muffled in a blanket of cold

Heat cries in dismay.

Crunching footsteps

High pitched laughter

Flying balls find their hysterical targets.

Icy fingers purpling

Breath now heavy

Time to find the noise and warmth again.