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Happy #Wensfriesday

I hope you have had a good half week and you’re ready to celebrate Wensfriesday with me. Continue reading

#Wensfriesday Needed!

Wow it’s been a fantastic but challenging day.

Happy Wensfriesday by the way. Today needed a glass of wine to wind it down and a lovely meal lovingly made by the Hubble. I had the opportunity to cover for a Teaching Assistant. I don’t think parents appreciate how hard teaching assistants work!

My choice of treat, apart from the glass of wine, is a lovely strawberry and cream tart. Whilst I sip my Chardonnay, nibble at tart and consider whether I could do this role everyday for the rest of my working life, I feel the pull of missing my writing time and have a backlog of books I’m dying to read. I wish I could see into the future so that I know whether or not my career as a writer will actually take off. Yes, yes, I know this is a question every writer asks him or herself. I don’t want to give up the dream and I feel that if I push forward this year, I may make some leeway towards the dream.

Am I kidding myself? Is the Chardonnay taking away clarity. Am I just not happy with this new role?

I guess it’s too heavy for a Wensfriesday. I will leave it to the bottom of the tart tray to decide!

It’s a short blog today because I’m exhausted and I’m missing my library time this week which upsets me. Not a happy Wensfriesday, but an interesting one.

Have a lovely evening and sending you all happy vibes. Xxx