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This Is Truly Bliss




So close your eyes and come with me to a piece of the earth where beauty knows no boundaries. Close your eyes and come with me to a place where misfortune is just a fairy tale, stress is a myth and worry is an old past time. Close your eyes and come with me to a piece of paradise where the beauty is interminable, indiscernible and tranquil to say the least. Not for the young and not for the old just a story best left untold. If you close your eyes and come with me ill show you a place where dreams are real, and real is for the living.




Croatia’s largest and most popular tourist destination, Krka National Park, made its way onto my bucket list in a “love at first sight” kind of way. Half in the unbelief that somewhere so sensuous still existed. The other half because…

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Happy #Wensfriesday

I hope you have had a good half week and you’re ready to celebrate Wensfriesday with me. Continue reading

Sweetie Time 😄

http://youtu.be/w8KQmps-Sog. My Choice of Official Wensfriesday Song – The Muse, Uprising. Send in your choices if you disagree. 🙂

Raise those chocolate bars
Shake the sweetie jars
Time to take a break
Wensfriesday’s a piece of cake!
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