Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Prompt # 12

Creature and Study

Creature makes feature
Study the fallen beauty
Its life unravelled

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014). All Rights Reserved.

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18 responses to “Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Prompt # 12

  1. Great Haiku, Eloise. I feel rather sad for her but would love to know her story even if sad.


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  3. Very beautiful and the photo matchs nicely!


  4. As I am writing this, thinking of perhaps being that fallen beauty, I look up and I line of the conversation between you and Hugh, the last line. “Lol, I did wonder what would make you miss lasagne night!” It was at that point the old thought of coming in at the end of a conversation and just standing there opened mouth with that “Say huh?” look came to mind. Perhaps I will read the rest of the conversation. I too cannot think of a reason to miss lasagne night.


  5. Silver Threading

    How haunting and the image is beautiful. I love it!


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