Family time

School’s over and homework needs to be done. I’m busy in the kitchen whipping up a lasagne whilst listening to music on Jango and my six year incessantly asks how to spell words like “thrashing”, “claw”, “spiky”! He’s writing a story about a monster in a cave. I love his describing words and secretly watch him leaning on his arm, writing and talking to himself.

My 15 year is tasked with teaching the 8 year old how to multiply and divide by ten. His theory of teaching is to go straight for decimal points. She’s now spewing off 0.2 divided by ten is .002! I’m not needed anymore!

The 13 year old is hiding out somewhere avoiding homework time. I bet she’s on her phone playing Hay Day. Can’t have them all studious can I? Where would the balance be in that?

The smell of the lasagne wafts through the house and the sultry voice of Christina Perry croons in the background. A poem wiggles it’s way to the forefront of my mind. The legs and tail worm out, exposing a nice fat underbelly of expression and I listen as my thoughts match the words to the song playing. I hope the poem stays long long enough for me to jot it down.

Thoughts are interrupted by the 13 year old who drifts into the kitchen to update me on her day. Complaints of hunger fill the air and I resign myself back to Mummy mode.

Time is just a factor before I can return to my thoughts and creations. Until then, I wash a head of lettuce ready for salad.

What’s your Monday like?

10 responses to “Family time

  1. Grocery shopping grrrrrr….. LOL. Your day sounds better than mine. I did have wonderful sushi for lunch 😀 Now on to writing 101 and blogging 101! ❤


    • Lol! I feel the same way about shopping! Would you believe I have never tasted sushi? Something to try in the future. :-). Can’t wait to read your posts.

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      • I love Asian foods of all kinds so I must tell you that I only have had sushi this year. My neighbor is from Okinawa and she took me to a restaurant and showed me how to eat it and the different kinds. We shop on the Navy base near us and they sell homemade sushi. It is really good. I will do a post on sushi when I am done with these classes 😀 I bet you will like it ❤


  2. I look forward to your post on it. There is a sushi bar in the next town but I’m too shy to go in on my own! I wouldn’t know what to do or how to order. One day I shall brave it and try it out.


  3. Oooh Lasagne my favourite! Save a slice for me 😉 And can I say it is too cool that your 6 yr old is writing a story. That . . . is amazing to me! Feed him and fatten him up with new words and ideas and everything you’re already doing. Love it!


  4. It’s school holidays in Australia, so I planned to reduce my creative time, but instead, have done almost nothing 😦 My youngest is pretty demanding, even at 8 years old. I find I get a little ‘spiky’ myself when I’m in a train of thought and I’m interrupted :S So I’ve just given up and stuck to blogging until they go back.


  5. I think I stopped reading at lasagne simply because I was salivating! LOL Great post.


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