Monday Coffee

Hi and welcome to the new bat cave. It’s with great sadness that I have to show you an empty cup and seat at the table today. My friend, work colleague and a great supporter of my work, has passed away. A gaping hole will be left in our school and our hearts at her loss. She was a true fighter, battling cancer and still putting others and her work first till the very end. There are few people you meet in life who show such strength and endurance beyond a normal human capacity – she was one of them.

So, as we sit together in the new bat cave, I propose a toast: to Rebecca. May we continue with even half the strength, motivation and love she shared with this world and change the lives of those around us for the better, just as she did.


19 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. So sorry to hear Eloise. May you all take from your friend’s strength in this sad time. MHDSRIP

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  2. How sad. Sorry to hear that such a fine person has left this world and a big gap in your life and, it seems, the lives of many others. RIP Rebecca.

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  3. A sad coffee post. I’m sorry, Eloise. It is awful to have those empty places at our table. It sounds like she’ll be sorely missed.

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  4. I am so sorry. I’m sure she will be remembered for a long time. -hugs-

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  5. So sorry to hear that Eloise.
    Yesterday we had the sad news of a former pupil passing away.. She was 12… šŸ˜¢


  6. I offer my condolences to you Eloise never easy saying goodbye to a mate She is in God’s hand of grace now .



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