Zeus Announces Contest To Name New God Of Social Media

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

zeusThis Modern Philosopher received the thrill of a lifetime today when he got to put on his formal toga and take a trip to Mount Olympus for an announcement from Zeus.

Not only does the “Father of the Gods” rarely ever make a public appearance, Modern Philosophers, but he also hardly ever allows mortals to set foot on his home turf.   So, I knew this had to be a big deal when Hermes arrived to pick me up and fly me back to the mountaintop.

The members of the media invited to the news conference were given no advance warning as to what it was about, but no one really seemed to care.  We got to walk around Mount Olympus!

For the first time, in what seemed like an eternity, I wasn’t the only person in the place wearing a toga, Modern Philosophers! what did Zeus want?  He’s upset that…

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2 responses to “Zeus Announces Contest To Name New God Of Social Media

  1. Thanks for sharing! This was the first of my blog posts to ever be Freshly Pressed. Those were the days… 🙂

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