Monday Coffee

Breathe in.  Take in the calm and silence of the coffee house.  It’s a beautiful night outside and usually, it would be swarming with artists, musicians and writers.  Tonight though, it’s quiet and reflective.  This weekend has seen more violence and death in the media and the contradiction of life – Pokemon Go!  With that in mind, company is spare and quiet.

Thank you for joining me.  In the midst of all the horror, I am quietly celebrating my return to blogging after a haphazard year of contributions and new books.  My poor site is looking rather run down and will most probably need a clean and spruce during the summer holidays.

Since there are no cakes on offer tonight, maybe you’d like to share a piece of fudge I’ve snuck in.  I can’t resist something sweet once in a while and fudge seems to be the right choice for a night like this. As the lovely cool breeze shifts the stale coffee air, let’s take a look around at who is actually here tonight.

Colleen and  Erika are sitting with the LitWorld, who are busy discussing the latest books they have been reviewing and Colleen’s upcoming book, The Swamp Fairy, which will be released to the world soon. I feel guilty, because I can see Olga and I’ve read her books, but haven’t had a chance to review them.  I must do that soon.  A pleasant task over the summer holidays.  Trent and Mihran are sitting together immersed in soft melodies,whilst Nicholas is quietly advising on how to improve reviews on books. It’s wonderful to see the all again and I can see they’ve been busy with their blog sites as they are all looking fantastic.

As I sit here with you, I feel a rush of warmth and comfort in being here, similar to how I felt yesterday after meeting a lovely lady who made my day.  She is a future author and has the power within her to tell a very strong tale that would probably knock all our socks off.  There is something about meeting a person who makes you feel comfortable from the word, hello!  I have been privileged enough to meet a few people in my life who make me feel that way and I treasure their friendship.  Let’s hope this lovely lady will one day join us for a coffee and chat too.

What have you getting up to this week?  The sprogs will be finishing school for the summer and I intend to enjoy life, hug my sprogs and hope and pray the few sane people left in this world tilt the scales towards humanity again.  As I type this, a text has come through with more bad news from Germany.  My heart goes out to those hurt and I pray for peace.



5 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Thanks for having me over for coffee! I enjoyed the fudge you snuck in. Yes, a lot of bad news from around the world. It’s been a sad year on so many levels, or perhaps a sad couple of years.

    Nice to see you blogging and hope to see more. Have a great week!

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    • It’s great to be back! I missed you all. I figure if we can find a place like this where there’s fudge and good company, my belief in goodness will survive! It’s the simple things that make me happy. 😀

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  2. Welcome back, it’s lovely to see you again – and thanks for the kind mention 🙂

    Now, did someone mention fudge??

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