Monday Coffee

Lights twinkle in the distance and a freezing fog wraps itself round the stragglers outside the coffee house. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and lively; no thought to the time as dawn slowly breaks through the gloom to expose the chilly day ahead.

Hugh sipped at his fifth hot chocolate with a hint of Southern Comfort. His Mildred Awards Ceremony, watched by nine million viewers was a raging success and most of the guests had passed through the coffee house at some point during the evening. Olga smiled from behind her steaming cup, reminiscing over the speeches and laughter whilst Jen discussed the award winners with Vashti and the incredible array of books and talent given before the awards began.

Lance sat nursing his drink, his tuxedo a bit out of place and dusty from his last coach tour to Macedonia. I sauntered over, trying not to trip in my long ball gown with laughing cow motifs scattered along the full skirt. He gave me a quick smile, then went back to scribbling exotic destinations on his napkin for a voting poll on where the coach tour would visit next. I had entered my choice already and was pretty excited about the destination that would win.

Before I could sit down, Paul blew into the coffee house, bringing the cold with him. Many heads turned as the man who had put Canterbury back on the map unwrapped his frosty scarf with cold fingers and made his way to the counter. I had to introduce him to the LitWorld team and Chris the Story Reading Ape as he had mentioned he needed to meet some great editors. After drawing Olga, Colleen, Ron and Jo out of a debate on how the Grammar Black Market should end, they shook hands with Paul and asked him about his new book, Faces of a Small City. I left them wrapped in a conversation a outing editing and moved to the next table.

Kev was preparing an interview list with Sally whilst Nishi, Trent and Gene’O and Diana quietly discussed the wonderful response to the #1000Speak Voices for Compassion and the incredible stories that have been shared over the weekend with Austin. He was slightly pre-occupied with the weather report which was promising freezing cold temperatures and more snow.

It made me notice the cold outside and I shivered at the thought. Warm laughter behind me drew me back into the comfortable ambience of the coffee house and I sighed contentedly. It wasn’t time to leave just yet and I still had more friends to catch up with. Happily I turned back into the rom and went to talk to Luccia, Teagan and Corina, the perfect way to start the early hours of a dreary Monday morning.

Hope you all enjoyed your coffees with me and look forward to joining you again next week.

20 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. I love your ball gown. You looked absolutely stunning in it.

    That would be the appropriate way to dress for one of the pair of destinations which are joint top in my current poll, but I am actually leaning towards the other one. Archie is a very old friend of mine, and I often visit him. He will take an immediate liking to you of you take him a mirror. He is obsessed my the power of reflection and is sure that he can put it to good use some day.

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  2. Another lovely Monday morning spent with great friends over coffee, thank you, Eloise.

    That coffee was just what I needed after last nights celebrations. Now I think it is time to get some sleep, but I am to eager to get on with all the catching up I have planned on reading some of my favourite blogs, so sleep can wait!

    If anyone finds a bow tie with traces of champagne and sherry trifle on it, it’s not mine…honest 🙂

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    • Five hot chocolates AND coffee too! It’s hard to keep track when you’re having such interesting conversations. Isn’t it lucky that we have Eloise to keep track of everything that we consume?

      I am sure that Hercule Poirot would wish to understand how you know so much detail about the missing bow tie. None of that detail, or even the fact that it was missing at all, have been revealed in evidence to date. Is there something that you wish to tell us, Hugh?

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      • Let’s just say, shall we Lance, that said bow tie was attached to somebody when it came into contact with some champagne and sherry trifle and, no, it was not around ones neck at the time. However, I hear from our very own Miss Maple (great, great, cousin, four times removed of Miss Marple) that a woman wearing a cow motif ballgown was thought to have been seen running away from the incident at the time, whilst shouting something out that she had to get to the coffee shop quickly.

        Now I wonder who that could have been?


      • I’m innocent I tell you…innocent!


  3. I wonder!

    I am glad that it was Miss Maple and not her distant cousin, Miss Marple. If ever that latter woman comes anywhere near my village, I shall immediately depart on a very long holiday. She is dangerous! I believe that she is a serial killer. It is certain that people drop like flies wherever she goes, and all of them die in very suspicious circumstances. Incredibly, she always manages to pin it on somebody else. That police inspector must be one of the most gullible cops in the world!

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  4. Thanks so much for having me around for chat a hot cup. Just what I needed after yesterday’s party!

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  5. I love our coffees Eloise. We are still painting… 😰💖

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  6. 🙂 I just love this as a round up! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed the weekend.

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  7. Oh man! How did I ever miss this? Wow! I’m so sorry, Eloise. This one completely slipped by me. Thank you so much for the mention. I love this and I do appreciate it. ❤ xx

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