Saturday Night Confessions!

It’s been an interesting week of highs and lows, to’s and fro’s, and I am happy to say the lows are receding like a tide after full moon. I await the second wave of proverbial brown stuff hitting the fan, but hey-ho, that’s life.

My confession for this week is…

Hmmm, let me think…

Fun or serious?

Well I have had way too much serious so I will go with fun.

My confession is that I once managed to scoff up two cans of baked beans all on my own! Not a great feat, but still something I don’t just share with anyone. I go through phases of extreme hunger and can eat anything in front of me, but cravings win over and I tend to over-indulge. Baked beans is pretty tame though.

What are your secret cravings or indulgences? Do you have a sweet tooth or a savoury palate?

Hmm, now I’m thinking of gherkins with ice cream! Yum! Don’t knock it till you try it. 😉


Share your favourite meals with me and let’s see how many people have the same tastes.

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11 responses to “Saturday Night Confessions!

  1. It’s been only interesting week and more interesting to read your confession!!!

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  2. In my teens, I loved sausage and marmalade sandwiches.

    You have pork and apple, turkey and cranberry, lamb and mint jelly….

    So why not sausage and marmalade?

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  3. Egg sandwiches are like manna from heaven.

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  4. Ham, jam and cheese is good, Eloise.

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  5. Baked beans yes I love them Havnt had them in a while thanks for reminding 😊

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  6. Tomato sauce on toast is a passion of mine, as is a salad cream sandwich, and a plate of beacon and chips with mint sauce poured over them 🙂

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