Review of Eleven Miles by Lance Greenfield

We meet the main character, Boitumelo Hope Tumelo from Itlhomolomo village as she begins her journey to secondary school, eleven miles away from her home. The young girl and her best friend, Grace, take the reader on a journey through their years of education, the many events that shape their futures and friendships that influence their strength and maturity through their teenage years.

The story is a sweet, smooth adventure told in a voice that captures the heart and culture of the Botswana people and the strength of a young woman determined to break the mould and escape the destiny most young women face in the villages where education is a luxury. Lance’s easy style and simple rhetoric helps draw the reader into a world filled with well written characters that you grow to love. I felt the urge to cheer Boitumelo on and her courage and determination will always remain with me.

I would have loved an excerpt giving us further details on what Boitumelo went on to achieve years later, since she is based on a real life character, but that is my personal wish.

I have given the book four stars because it was a beautiful, inspirational story that captured me and I shall make the effort find out more about the lady who inspired the book.

Eleven Miles is available from Amazon. Feel free to click on the pic below for your copy.

Eleven Miles by Lance Greenfield Eleven Miles
by Lance Greenfield
Paperback is 288 pages

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