#Wensfriesday Needed!

Wow it’s been a fantastic but challenging day.

Happy Wensfriesday by the way. Today needed a glass of wine to wind it down and a lovely meal lovingly made by the Hubble. I had the opportunity to cover for a Teaching Assistant. I don’t think parents appreciate how hard teaching assistants work!

My choice of treat, apart from the glass of wine, is a lovely strawberry and cream tart. Whilst I sip my Chardonnay, nibble at tart and consider whether I could do this role everyday for the rest of my working life, I feel the pull of missing my writing time and have a backlog of books I’m dying to read. I wish I could see into the future so that I know whether or not my career as a writer will actually take off. Yes, yes, I know this is a question every writer asks him or herself. I don’t want to give up the dream and I feel that if I push forward this year, I may make some leeway towards the dream.

Am I kidding myself? Is the Chardonnay taking away clarity. Am I just not happy with this new role?

I guess it’s too heavy for a Wensfriesday. I will leave it to the bottom of the tart tray to decide!

It’s a short blog today because I’m exhausted and I’m missing my library time this week which upsets me. Not a happy Wensfriesday, but an interesting one.

Have a lovely evening and sending you all happy vibes. Xxx

12 responses to “#Wensfriesday Needed!

  1. Silver Threading

    You are a writer Eloise! ❤ How many published books do you have? Now, why can't you do both? I had to wait to write until I retired. I have so much to learn. You do what your heart tells you. Only you can make you happy. Please do not doubt yourself. You are an accomplished writer. Sleep on it. Try being a teaching assistant and see if that works. Don't give up. Writing is a life long art-form. ❤

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  2. Happy Wenfriesday Eloise! Moments of doubt and quiet desperation…If only life was one direct flight to your destination and didn’t involve connecting flights and pit stops …Just know we are all rooting for you…I’m sure you’ll get all your answers soon enough..In the meanwhile Cheers!

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  3. Your welcome! Forgot to tell you I liked the new blog theme.. 🙂

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    • Ah yes, it was all thanks to your input. I hope it’s easier to read than the last and I do like the colour scheme. Feel it’s a cleaner line. Hope you’re keeping well Nishi and your lovely family is okay too. 😊

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      • Oh..naa..dont mention! Yes, loved the font and the header and the way you’ve arranged all the widgets on the side..very pleasing to the eye..The husband and lil Ems are doing fine…Thank you so much for asking.. 🙂

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  4. Just sent you happy vibes back, but multiplied.

    They felt the earthquake in Winchester last evening. Did you just feel that tsunami of energy going straight through you?

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