Life with Millie

Suffering the loss of a family pet might seem trivial to some, but for those who have shared their lives with a four legged friend, that loss can be devastating.


After losing Henry, our beloved dog, just over five months ago, I couldn’t imagine adopting another four legged member into our family. My heart was broken and all the memories of him brought tears to my eyes whenever something familiar triggered one of those wonderful memories.


And then we met Millie. If you are familiar with the story, I’ve written about our meet cute in Serendipity. Now Millie shares a similar breed to Henry and has the same loving nature – everything else is all her! She has the manners of a lady and prefers cuddles over everything else. Nothing can stop her playful nature which has a softness to it, making us aware of how fragile she can be. The cats absolutely terrify her and on occasion jump out from hiding places just to hear her squeal.

Spyro and Kiki

We’ve had to teach her that they don’t bite and can’t be bothered with her presence, unless she’s trying to sneak a quick bite of their food. Millie hates to be alone and seeks human touch whenever possible. Just this morning I woke up to find her hugging my back and snoring against my neck! Not the most comfortable position I must say.

I’ve never met a dog who enjoys being carried like a child, although saying that, our cat Kiki like to be carried the same way. Both wrap their legs and arms around us just like babies. Millie is more like a big toddler whereas Kiki reminds us of a baby monkey.

Needless to say she has wheedled her way into our hearts and is making her own place there, next to Henry. He will always be our little Moofy boy – his beautiful nature and friendliness to everyone and everything will always remain. Now though, we have a new little one to care for and worry about. She’s our precious little girl and we are very lucky to have her.

22 responses to “Life with Millie

  1. Losing a canine companion is such a sad thing, and people who don’t love dogs don’t understand. I’m sad for your loss, yet happy for you and your new companion.

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  2. Hearts are big enough for someone else to steal them. And if the heart doesn’t seem big enough, a new furry friend will always find a way to enlarge it. Millie sounds like something special 🙂 The cats are funny, but that’s how cats are.

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  3. So glad you have found a new furry friend to join you and your cheeky cats. Hugs Marje x

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    Nothing can fill the warm place that Eloise and her family hold in their hearts for dear Henry. Even I feel that pain from afar.

    But it is wonderful that Millie has found a new place in their hearts. She is a lovely dog, who obviously appreciates their love, demonstrated by her desire for maximum cuddles.

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  6. Ah Mello, this is lovely. Sending you the biggest hug in the world.

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  7. I lost my sidekick 5 yrs ago she was amazing red bone coohound/ Rotti she was 16 saying goodbye was gut wrenching but knowing she was suffering I need to do what was best for . Yes without death there is no new life and fully embrace it do not fear welcome it with open arms . But saying good journey to member of your pack never makes it any less tormenting.

    Now we have our Chocolate Tank

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  8. Millie will fill a gap, create her own place and leave you with space for your memories too 💜

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