1920s Party — Three Things Serial Story

There’s a party going on at Teagan’s and the guest list has some A-star writers, bloggers and foodies! So slip on your boa and tassels and grab a fruit cocktail! Merry Christmas!

Teagan's Books

Three Things Serial 1920s Party!  

Welcome! Come on in — join the fun.  We’re all dudded up in our snazziest clothes, ready to enjoy great dancing, food, and friends.  Yes, it’s a Roaring Twenties shindig.  So in a comment, leave a link to your books, blog, or to your favorite 1920s food, drink, or entertainment. That’s what makes the party.

ape-tuxedo-cigarDon’t panic!  That really is a great ape in his tuxedo, getting the buffet ready, but it’s none other than Chris The Story Reading Ape.  He’s dishing up the fruit cocktail, and yes, that is made with bananas!  

That’s Tess with him, putting some finishing touches on the Swiss steaks.  I see Andrea Stephenson has brought a delicious lemon meringue dessert.  Thanks for your help everyone.  It’s looking mighty tasty! You’re the bee’s knees.  

(Excuse me while I answer the door…)  KathrynCome in —…

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One response to “1920s Party — Three Things Serial Story

  1. Hi Mello. You are so kind to reblog this party. It’s been such a hit that I’m going to just let it keep going through this weekend. Thank you for this sensational introduction. I hope all your friends here will drop in with links to their books, crafts, services and what-not. That includes you! Bring links to your lovely books. Merry Christmas to you too, and mega hugs.

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