Why do Lions Deserve Better than Chickens?

Jo Robinson

There’s a bit of a furore going on in the animal activist world (yes – I am an animal activist) right now about that dentist, Walter James Palmer, who arranged to have the beloved Zimbabwean lion, Cecil, lured out of his protected environment, and then shot him with a bow and arrow.  Unfortunately our good dentist is a crappy shot, so he only wounded poor Cecil who had to be tracked and finished off with a gun forty hours later.  Now the knock on effect is that all of Cecil’s cubs will be killed by the lion who takes his place in the pride, so blood and pain all around all because some small tooled little tool prefers moving targets.
In one way it’s great that people are upset enough about this to rant loudly on their blogs.  In another way it’s quite sad.  Cecil had a good life, apart…

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