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Monday Coffee

What a glorious day! More guests are coming to join us at our table outside the coffee shop today. With the sun doing its best to roast us like chestnuts, we’d best move to that table under the umbrella. I know that most of us would prefer a cool iced tea instead of coffee, so let us put in our orders before it gets too busy.

I can see Christy! Give her a wave. She has been very busy collecting and writing advice for women applying for college. I know my son is feeling the pressure at the moment as he is choosing universities here in England, and I can only imagine how much harder it is going to be for my daughter, who is a fly-by-night compared to him! Christy’s advice is perfect for this stressful time and I have to admit, I’ve been drip feeding it to my son. Although her article focuses on the hardships women face trying to apply, it is perfect for any child facing the daunting task of choosing a university/college.

Ellen has come to join us. It’s great to see her again. I was reading her latest flash fiction called The Bird Was Witness which was so vivid, so evocative – you definitely need to read her work. This is not the first time Ellen has caught my attention with her flash fiction. She has a way with words that make you sit up and pay attention, transporting you to another place, another time.

The iced tea is perfect for relaxing in the afternoon sun, catching up with blogging friends. Trent has been a very busy bee and though I haven’t had a chance to catch all of his posts, I never miss his Weekly Smile. With all the bad things happening out there, it is rather nice to see a person looking for the positives in his week. Trent’s collection of short stories, Season of Imagination, has not received the attention it deserves and I would encourage you to pick up a copy from the man who created an event to highlight that even a bad week has something good to smile about.

The same can be said for lovely, Annette who has been sharing her words of wisdom and hope with all of us for a while now. As a wordsmith, she’s never short on inspirational quotes or motivational moments in all she does. I think we should bottle her positive attitude and feed it to everyone on hump day.

With so many great people around the table, it makes one want to jump up and write more. What better way than to join Dan with his Word Weaver Writing Contest. If you win, Dan will give you an honest critique of your work and if you’re lucky, he might throw a meme or two into it!

Now, I have to go back to my writing, so I’m going to leave you in the safe hands of Graeme who has just received another great review from Jo at MyChestnutReadingTree for his book, Ravens Gathering which is available from amazon.

Don’t forget to chat to the others and find out what they are doing on their blogs. Drop me a line if you would like to join me for a Monday Coffee (or iced tea). It will be great to see you.

Have a lovely evening.

Cross Genre Promotion by Authors from Around the World

Jo Robinson

promobanner (2)

Many thanks to Michael Fedison for setting up this great cross genre book promotion, and also for including me in it. The authors included here from all around the world each have special deals for you starting from today and right up to the twenty second of November, so zoom on over to their sites to stock up on your favourite genres at very special prices. I’ve got a couple of deals and freebies too, which I’ll share the links to right after sharing the list of the fabulous authors taking part in this, with the genres that they write in next to their names. Every single one of them has discounts happening, so just click on their monikers below to check them out.
Barbara Monier Contemporary Literary Fiction
John Howell Fiction Thriller
Michael Fedison YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Shehanne Moore Smexy Historical Romance – Yes that word is indeed Smexy and…

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The Dress

  Now this might look as though it is targeted at the ladies, but trust me, some gentlemen know exactly what I’m talking about!

Have you ever ordered a dress for a party, imagining just how nice you’re going to look…and then it arrives and…well…you try it on.   Insert sad face emoticon when you realise that the size six model showing off the dress in the video catalogue probably has perky breasts,  has never fed a child from her body (let alone four!) and probably wouldn’t know what child birth entails! Yes, unfortunately that’s me looking in the mirror imagining I’m still twenty-something and capable of pulling off sexy.  But, persistence pays off…or does it?

When do you face your body’s limitations on fashion?

I refuse to believe I have to dress like a mature lady and still prance around in floaty dresses with leggings and boots.  Probably not the most appropriate style for school but it’s soooo comfortable, I’m not ready to let that style go.  Now, to address my tiring attempt to look sexy.  What am I going to do?  I have a very important party to attend and I want to look good not only for my family but for myself.  Is it worth pulling out the secret supports or should I just go in a normal floaty number?  I want to look good and I want to wear this beauty, but am I punching above my weight?  

What would you do?  Again I would like to point out that gents know the feeling with their favourite outfits.  Does comfort out-weigh style and looking good?  

picture courtesy of Boohoo.com – my dress!

Let’s Talk About Love

What if love isn’t so straight forward? What happens when the man of your dreams turns back into a toad? You’re left with a broken heart, several kilos of chocolate depression that turns into fat misery whilst he waltzes off with his new love. What then? Continue reading