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Another year. 365 days pass to contemplate a union forged before God and man. A chance to reconcile differences and celebrate unity. One day to mark the occasion. 

Forgetting might make it as trivial as say…breaking a garland; a friendship ring, perhaps. Forgetting, one might assume it wasn’t important to begin with. No celebration required for something you don’t value.

On the other hand, mutual discipline on days like this where it’s claimed to be celebrated everyday in different ways erases the sting, removes the barb – the salve being the knowledge that nothing needs to be said to make it more special.

Relationships are strange, or maybe it’s just me. There are unwritten rules marking territories in friendships that deem it acceptable to forget certain things and unacceptable to remember others! 

But an anniversary? Who is to say whether it should be celebrated or not? Who calls the shots in the relationship to declare it a commercialised war on each other to buy the most expensive gift that will join the others in the materialistic world we live in? Then again, a simple flower and kiss with, “I love you!” can make all the difference between a gift and nothing at all.

I think it all boils down to effort. How much are we willing to do for others? What does it mean to attach ourselves to one person; to declare that this human you chose  is the one you spend your life with till death? Do we actually believe in that concept anymore? What do you think?