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Monday Coffee

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Book Review:   A Prison Without Walls, by Kelly Bristow

“A vividly enlightening read!”


via Book Review:   A Prison Without Walls, by Kelly Bristow

Monday Coffee

Hello. It’s wonderful to see you again and I’m so glad you made it. I need your help.

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Our True Selves

We all hide behind those pretty smiles
Hidden tombs of depravation
Glazed behind the sweet looks

Manacles of conversation holding the craziness within
Dilated pupils reflecting innocence
Whilst the diabolical lurks beneath the shallow surface

Watch the smiles around you the next time you’re out
Feel the pull of skin around your own mouth
Responding to the fake nuptials of communication

Maybe we recognise the desperation…maybe we want to ignore it
Maybe, just maybe…
Those that don’t smile back, are actually honest!

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014). All Rights Reserved.