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Happy Wensfriesday!

I missed out on wishing everyone happy Wensfriesday on Wednesday! It’s a tradition I started with my family to break the long weeks during term time – a middle of the week Friday treat. So instead of them waiting all the way to the end of the week for a treat, they get one on Wednesday and we pretend our week is over!

I know it sounds ridiculous but don’t we all wish for shorter weeks and the weekends closer together? My kids have a gruelling schedule. Because we have one car at the moment, I spend most of my life on the road, fetching, dropping off, driving up and down the motorway to fetch the Hubble (husband) to and from work too. By the end of the day, we only get to settle down and enjoy dinner pretty late. For the younger members, they sometimes can’t last that long and end up falling asleep before dinner. No TV time or playtime, just travelling up and down in between homework runs and afternoon activities. So Wensfriesday was born.

On said middle of the week Friday, the kids get to choose a movie, have a special dinner and a Friday treat. The excited squeals I hear when they discover a chocolate or sweet waiting for them on their pillows makes it all worth it. For the Hubble (husband) he gets his choice of sweet too and a lovely big glass of wine to enjoy in front of the TV once the kids are tucked away in bed. Yes, if we wanted to we could do that every day, but making it a middle of the week event gives it a special feeling and makes us want to earn the privilege.

At the moment during the holidays, we are enjoying haphazard days of waking up late and going to sleep even later. As I type this the house is layered in the sweet mellow sounds of children sleeping peacefully. They will rise and meet the day probably later than ten, but that is their holiday and I think it’s great to get a chance to unwind. And it gives me time to catch up with you all and chat!

So, once the school term begins we shall resume our ritual. The Wensfriesday treat! Why not give it a try and see if you like having a special break mid-week? Remember it doesn’t stop you from having another treat on Friday; it just means you have two Fridays to look forward to in the week!

Happy Friday everyone!