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Do Tooth Fairies Visit Dogs?

  Henry, our little Sprocker Spaniel, lost his first tooth last week.  It came shortly after my youngest sprog lost his little incisor.  Excitement over seeing the tiniest tooth ever, possibly the same size as a fairy’s tooth, kept the children up way past their bedtime.  The inevitable question was asked: “Will the Tooth Fairy visit Henry the same way they visited me?”

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but it stopped me in my tracks.  Do Tooth Fairies take care of the rest of the creatures populating this earth?  Are there stories of their adventures whilst snaring a tooth from a candid crocodile or wrestling a canine from a conniving carnivore?  I feel my alliterations running rampant over this post!  Okay I will stop.  Back to the serious matter of the extended hours of a Tooth Fairy’s day.

After the precious little tooth was carefully placed in a plastic bag for safekeeping, my youngest two begged for me to leave it out in case a little ethereal creature wanted to replace it with a gold coin.  I reminded the children that Henry would find no purpose in receiving a gold coin.  Of course it opened the can of wormy questions on what would be left for our canine companion. Again, I had to think fast and create a different scenario to the normal gold coin for a tooth scenario.  

My final answer as I tucked the little angels into bed was, “I honestly don’t know!  If a raccoon loses tooth, or a mouse drops one in his house, I don’t know what happens to them.” Sometimes honestly and logic override fantasy…but not too often!