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Happy #BackToTheFuture Day!

What an awesome #Wensfriesday.  It has fallen on the same day documented in the famous movie, Back To The Future.  

My Hubble is crazy about the movies and he introduced them to me many years ago when Marty McFly’s clothing choice was still cool!  Timeless action, drama and adventure made this a cult film with a hope to actually reach this auspicious day.

So grab your hover boards, fire up the modified DeLorean and let’s go back to the future!

Happy #Wensfriesday folks!

Lance’s Coach Tour #4

All aboard Lance’s coach tour…

Write to Inspire

Howard's BusI am finding it very difficult to hide my excitement as my regular tourists board the coach for the fourth tour in the series. This one will be the best yet.

“Better than Stonehenge during its construction?” I hear Sheila ask.

“Stonehenge was great, but there’s no way it was as good as our trip to New Orleans, Sheila,” says Almost Welsh Sarah.

“Well my favourite was the last one,” chips in Brandy. “I’ll never forget the day that I helped Prince Alexander almost-the-Great to solve that damned rope puzzle for Professor Aristotle.”

The only passenger who has an inkling as to when we might be going, and who we might meet, is my old friend, Howard. He and I have corresponded for years about our various time travels. He knows all about the many visits that I’ve made to Syracuse to chat with Archie…

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