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Lit World Interviews – Review of Deception

I am sharing a review of my book, Deception, from LitWorld Interviews.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Deception, please click on the pic. Thank you. 

A big thank you to Lit World Interviews for their review of Deception. Here is a copy of the review…


Title: Deception

Author: Eloise De Sousa

ISBN-10: 1291547955
ISBN-13: 978-1291547955

Pages: 234

Genre: Adult Crime-Romance

What’s it about?

Deception is a story about facing your past and learning to trust.

Amanda Glenson has a nice life working in a law firm in London while raising her 5 year old son Zachary. Unfortunately for her, a past that sent her fleeing from her home, her country on another continent, has finally caught up with her. There is no way around facing it; she must return home to Zimbabwe.

Enter Alex Edwards a lawyer brought in specifically to handle a situation in Zimbabwe for the law firm Amanda works for. Sparks fly between the two, only for Alex to discover he will be taken along for the ride into Amanda’s past, a coincidence that fate brings about. Two people with tainted pasts join together in a quest to find truth.

Highlights of the Book

236 pages of every kind of emotion keeps you reading. The suspense makes you want to read it in one sitting. Who did what? How are Amanda and Alex connected? What is the Deception? And how does little Zachary play a role in the story?

De Sousa brings a realistic feel to the story and her imagery is perfect. She writes what she knows–London and Africa. Authentic in her knowledge of her environment, she carries you along on a tour of her image memories. This in part is what makes it a good, easy flowing read.

The deception title is all through the book in so many ways you have to keep guessing what is the deception. You won’t guess but you can try.

Romance, desire, heat, and all done well with taste and great imagery that gives you just enough to let you become part of the story, but not so much to drive you away from it. Very well done, classy.

Challenges of the Book

There are several interesting characters that could have greater depths in personality and add to the story. There were some opportunities for the male protagonist, Alex, to have done more on several levels. That being said some of the emotional aspects of the character were perfect.

What do you get from it?

Trust is a hard thing to do.

What would I change if anything?

I would have used Alex a little more and turned up either a bit more of the action or perhaps liked to have seen a little more intense dialogue exchanges to increase the tension that made the insides twist wanting more.

Who would I recommend this book to?

The book is classified as a Adult Crime Romance, but to me, it could also be classified as Suspense Drama. There are Romance elements in the book but are not driving points of the story. When Romance is part of the story, it is done very well.


Realistic Characterization: 5/5

Made Me Think: 3/5

Overall enjoyment: 3/5

Readability: 4/5

Recommended: 4/5

Ovearall Rating: 3.8

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Format & Pricing:

Paperback: 8.41 USD

Kindle: .99 USD

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Amazon U.K., Lulu.com



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Book Tuesday

before-he-seesHello, welcome to Book Tuesday.

This week I have read a rather interesting crime thriller called Before He Sees (A Mackenzie White Mystery – book 2) by Blake Pierce.

Mackenzie White is young police detective pulled from the backwaters of Nebraska and recruited to Quantico as an FBI rookie agent. Already a promising student, she is chosen to assist in a series of murders that have the FBI chasing their tales. The pressure to prove just how good she is mounts as another body is found and the powers that be who have given her the opportunity have set a deadline for her to solve the case or lose her job and career as an agent. Flashbacks of Mackenzie’s own troubled past mixed with previous experience from solving the Scarecrow Killer murders, which bear a similarity to the case she is helping solve, puts her in a precarious position. With no-one to turn to or share the burden of responsibility, she is pushed beyond her limits, testing her capabilities as a true detective and agent.

When she is pulled off the case and returned to the status of rookie agent, her own perseverance in cracking the case pushes the powers that be to give her a second chance, but their own stubborn arrogance forces her to take drastic measures which put her in danger.

This was a great thriller and I enjoyed the momentum of riding along with the main character as she pushed her way through a world of dominant characters bent on proving they are right! Though the end was predictable, I still enjoyed the thrill of the story unfolding and would recommend this book to readers who want a light crime thriller.

There are two more books in the Mackenzie White series and I look forward to reading them. If you would like to read Before He Sees, click on the pic below to order your copy.

As always, please leave a review for the author. It’s a great way for other readers to gauge the books. Thanks.



Book Tuesday

Glimpses by [Roberts, Hugh W.]Welcome to Book Tuesday. This week, I have a rather special book to share with you. A fellow blogger took the time and effort to create this little gem and shared a collection of his short stories from blog posts over the last few years.

The book is called Glimpses by Hugh Roberts and covers thrilling bite size stories to send shivers down your spine and titillating tingles from the scintillating tales.

When trying to choose a story to highlight, I found myself hard pressed to choose just one. So, instead, I have decided focus on a collection of stories in the book that link together, giving the reader a different perspective into the lives of a family celebrating a wedding.

The Bridegroom, The Wedding Dress, The Stag Party and Mother of the Bridegroom is about Jonathan, his fiance Sarah and their intricately involved friends and family. The Bridegroom introduces us to Jonathan and we meet him on his wedding day, as he prepares for what should be the happiest day of his life. But, things are not as they should be. The happily ever after we are expecting is shattered and we go on to meet Sarah in The Wedding Dress, feeling her happiness as she prepares for her special day. One message, one picture is enough to shatter her dreams, leading to dire consequences and another twist to the tale.

Reliving the Stag Party, we find out why Jonathon feels uncomfortable when his groomsmen decide to enjoy the party more than their groom, discovering that his true feelings lie elsewhere and not in the arms of Sarah. Matthew, his best man and best friend, is nowhere to be found when Jonathan’s temptation leads him astray; then again, they all seem to have something to hide after The Stag Party.

They say mother-in-laws can be downright vicious, even deadly. Well, Mother of the Bridegroom is certainly not someone I would want to tangle with. She has killer looks and a temperament to match! This treacherous tale ties the knot and fastens the bow on the three previous installments, finishing off the fine details of a wedding gone off the rails. Just how far will she go to teach her daughter-in-law, Sarah, a lesson and what is the twist in her own tale?

I hope I haven’t given away too much from these stories. They are full of twists and have a great plotline. Bear in mind, these are just the few tales from the book, Glimpses, and there are many more to enjoy. Given enough time, I would rattle on about the other stories I have enjoyed in this book filled with surprises.

Hugh’s book is available from amazon. Please leave feedback on which story you liked the most and don’t forget to give Hugh a review to let him know how much you enjoyed his book. Every review helps the author.

Glimpses by [Roberts, Hugh W.]

Thank you for joining me. See you next week.


A Passionate Spirit Hot Off the Press

SC Skillman Author

I was excited today to receive a delivery of 50 copies of my new novel “A Passionate Spirit”.

"A Passionate Spirit" by SC Skillman “A Passionate Spirit” by SC Skillman

Although I’ve seen and approved the cover design and read through the typeset proofs several times, nevertheless, to hold the freshly-printed book is a thrilling moment, worthy of celebration. At last it’s a reality!

Now I can offer signed copies for sale via my website. Publication date is 28th November, when the novel will be available to buy through all online retailers, and in bricks-and-mortar bookshops. It can be pre-ordered now from the Troubador website. In addition it will be available as an ebook.

I hope that the bookshops I have visited and many more will stock copies for you to buy.

Maybe one of these bookshops is local to you. Here is  a list of the shops where you should be able to find “A Passionate Spirit”…

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Book Tuesday – The Cure

A flu pandemic has wiped out most of the adult population, leaving communities across the world fighting for food and survival.  A new regime has risen from the hysteria, known as SG16.  Their militia have their objectives: to find a cure for the new world and arrest all vagrants outside the safety zones.  The only way to do that is to find a survivor who holds the gene that can fight against the flu virus; an infected survivor with the right antibodies.  James, Chelsea and their baby might just hold the cure that everyone is looking for.  But there are no guarantees on their survival under SG16’s rule.  Can they stay hidden long enough to find an escape?  It all depends on the cure!

Previously on The Cure:

Beth reminisced over their initial meeting and Chelsea’s labour.  The fear of being caught had held them all in a state of tension under the hot summer sun.  Beth’s skills as a young midwife only extended far enough to help her friend deliver the baby safely.

Continuing On…

James watched in awe as his baby entered their chaotic world.  He was only sixteen and felt like a child himself, but circumstances had made him grow up quick.  With only a third of the world’s population left alive and most of them children, it meant as soon as you hit your teenage years, you were considered a man.

The flu pandemic that had swept from one nation to another favoured children as its killer messenger and made sure every family received a visit.  Adults had no immunity to the new strain and most died, only a  few remaining to tell the tale.  The government had tried to vaccinate everyone with little to no effect on the virus. Those scientists left to investigate new vaccines were quickly quarantined in a safe location. Everyone else was left vulnerable.  It was almost laughable to think that the third world war had come in the form of sickness.  Large nations had been left bereft of power and food supplies as their workers dropped like flies.

Beth, acting as midwife, pulled at the remaining delivery from Chelsea’s body, watching carefully for excess bleeding and checking the blob of placenta and tubes were all there.  She grimly poked and prodded Chelsea’s abdomen for signs of hardness and grunted in satisfaction, turning her attention to the small squiggling body lying on her lap wrapped in a semi-clean blue cardigan.  She was beautiful and the midwife sighed in appreciation for new life.  Her young face had severe lines and scars from previous battles fought for survival.  She knew what hell lay in store for this little girl lying so innocently in her arms and enjoyed the moment of pure innocence in front of her.

James cleared his throat and tried to speak but the tears fell freely down his grimy face and his big blue eyes watched his daughter and her mother.  The world pressed down on him as the sun bore into his skull through his long, greasy blonde hair.  He held his hands out to the Beth, the teenage midwife, hoping she wouldn’t refuse to give him his child.  Past memories of asking for something and being hit flashed through his mind and he automatically put his hands down again as though already chastised.

The baby hiccupped ad started bawling her eyes out, giving both youths a fright.  They looked at each other and the tenseness in their faces disappeared for an instant, laughter gurgling up and breaking out into the silence of the day.  Beth gently handed her over to James, smiling and giggling in response to his laughing smile.  They had done it.  They had brought this little child into the world.  It might not be a perfect world, but at least it was theirs for the time being.

As soon as he held her James could feel her cuddling into his warmth and she starting sucking her little fingers, hoping for nourishment.

“What are we going to do for food Beth?” he asked.  “Is it safe to wake Chels up to feed the baby?  Will she be able to feed her?”

“I don’t think we should leave here just yet.  Not while Chelsea is recovering.  We’d better find shelter though.  This sun is shit -hot and I’m burning.  Chelsea looks like she’s tanning in Poole” she giggled, looking down at her friend.

Her smile slipped as she fumbled to find a pulse.  She frowned and put her hand on Chelsea’s ankle.  The pulse was there, but it was thready.  Suddenly, a deep sigh escaped from the sleeping form, allaying any further fears the two might have had about her well being.  Aching from her cramped position, Beth got up and stretched her back, exposing her flat torso and long brown legs covered by a pair of tattered shorts and converse shoes that had seen better days.  Once stretched out, her blouse back in place over her tummy, she looked down once again at her friend and made a decision.

“Jamie, you have to find somewhere safe for us tonight to light a fire.  Food is a bonus, but safety first yeah?”

James nodded his head twice and gently placed the baby back down on the mattress next to her sleeping mother.  Beth gingerly picked up the bowl of entrails left from the birth and thought of how some cultures ate them for good health.  She cringed inside and thought of digging a hole so as not to attract any wild animals to them.  Decision made, she put the bowl and blood soaked rags to one side, whilst she shook out the only blanket they had that didn’t smell like shit and dust.  Gently, she covered mother and child and went off to the right, crossed the road and found a patch of ground that looked soft and easy to dig.  Finding an old broken off bumper helped her dig the hole faster and in no time the rags, bowl and entrails were buried.  She shifted the dirt until the area looked undisturbed and scampered back across the road to find Chelsea groaning and waking up.

“Hey, how are you?” she said, kneeling next to her friend, wiping away the damp hair stuck to her face.

“Hmm, thirsty” croaked Chelsea.  She glanced to her right and saw the baby dozing off in the sun, still sucking her little fingers contentedly.  “How long have I been out?  Is she ok Bee?”

“Yeah, all’s well.  You haven’t been out for long but we are going to have to move soon or else you’re both going to faint in this sun.”  She handed Chelsea her bottle of water.  “Here.  Drink this.”

Chelsea drank deep and long and gasped at the end, like a swimmer after a race.  She smiled and reached over to hug her friend as tight as she could.  “Thank you Bee.  I know how dangerous this is for you.  I promise, once we are set up, you can go back okay?”

“Do you see me complaining girl?” Beth asked, all her attitude showing as she put her hands on her hips and swayed her head like a cobra.  She giggled and kissed Chelsea on the head. “Don’t you want to hold her Chels?”  She glanced at the baby.

The peaceful afternoon was punctured by a gut curdling scream and two shots fired soon after.  Both girls’ searched around to see how close the danger was and instinct took over.  Chelsea lifted her child close, making sure not to disturb her sleep. Any noise would alert whoever was out there and their lives would be over.  Beth grabbed the blanket and bags lying close to the dirty mattress, ready to go in an instant.  She helped her small, frail friend up and together they quietly made their way to the left, to some outlying buildings that joined onto the garages at the front.

Only the noise of the incessant buzzing flies and squawking magpies, disturbed by the shots could be heard. The air felt still, as though the hunters were waiting for them to make a wrong move.  The buildings were battered and ruined but some still had rooms with doors and a roof or ceiling.  Beth and Chelsea made their way over rubble and general debri blocking their safe passage and making a silent escape almost impossible.

Once in the corner of one of the remaining rooms which looked as if it might have been an office with its flat carpeting and littered desks, they sat and watched for signs of movement outside.  The baby stirred and started whimpering.  Beth frowned and growled at Chelsea to whip out her breast and start feeding her.  Chelsea blushed deeply but didn’t argue, slowly lifting her red floral blouse and putting the baby against her soft, warm skin.  Without hesitation the baby searched out the areola and suckled happily, grabbing as much skin around the breast as she could hold.

Chelsea wanted to giggle and cry at the same time but knew better than to utter a sound that might give them away.  Her blood went cold. Footsteps crunched outside.  Closer.  They came, voices drifting incoherently.  The crunching stopped and someone swore loudly, slapping the person next to them who yelped and swore back.  They sounded young but both girls knew how dangerous the younger ones could be.  Youth was not something that stopped the darkness that had enveloped their world.  Ten year olds, even eight year olds were not above raping and murdering, just for entertainment.

The crunching steps sounded again and moved on past the buildings and back towards the garages and main road.  It must have been a hunting party.  There were many in the area as it was considered no man’s land – the area between quarantine zones and ORCs (Orphans Relocation Camps).  Both held terrors for children and families left behind, but no man’s land was treacherous for hunting parties looking for food and nik-naks that could be sold on the black market.  Any living soul found wandering would either be killed by hunting parties thinking they were competition or would be captured and sent to the zones.

The girls heard a car revving its engine and screeching its tyres as it headed off down the road, probably leaving a cloud of dust to filter down as a remnant of their departure.  Sighs of relief escaped their compressed lips and each turned to smile at the other.

“There you are!” a voice boomed.

They screamed with fright, struggling to stand to fight for survival.


The Truth App (Part 4) – Inside Interview Room Number Five

Time to catch up with the intriguing story by Hugh of Hugh’s Views and News called The Truth App (Part 4).

Review: Deception

Lance Greenfield gives his opinion on Deception which is available from the Amazon website.

Write to Inspire

Deception by Eloise De Sousa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is much more than a suspense thriller. There is romance, there is deceit and double-crossing, there is mystery, there is hot sexual tension, and there is fear.

Amanda returns to her native Harare on a work assignment. She tries to unravel some family mysteries which led to her self-imposed exile. Every stone she turns reveals a new, usually unpleasant, surprise.

She is torn between her former lover and her current almost-a-lover. She doesn’t know whom she should trust, including members of her own family. There are many tests, and the tension rises. The reader is also torn in several directions. I challenge you to take the journey with Amanda and guess whom she can trust before she takes the right or wrong path.

The constant theme throughout is how much she cares for her son, Zach. The greatest…

View original post 41 more words

Review of Deception

Thank you to Martha Kiernan, an avid supporter of my work, for offering to review Deception. Continue reading

Book Tuesday – The Cliffs At Hopley

“I should be returning home now,” she whispered more to herself than to her tall, dark companion. Continue reading

Book Tuesday – Adult Book Corner: The Cliffs At Hopley

As promised earlier, I have started writing a fictional romance/thriller which will hopefully keep you guessing and following over the next couple of weeks.

This was just an idea that crept into my mind yesterday, so apologies if I leave a few loose threads here and there as the story develops. Feel free to hop in and tie them up for me or comment if you don’t like the way the story is heading. Remember this is an adult story, so there might be some explicit scenes of violence, death or of a sexual nature.

The title to the story is subject to change. I can’t think of a better title as yet so if you have any suggestions, pop them into the comments box and click send.

Okay, The Cliffs At Hopley will be posted at around 6pm (GMT). Looking forward to your comments, suggestions or even participation. Feel free to add on to the story if that’s where it takes you.

See you at six tonight!