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Snow Day

White flakes silence the world

Muffled in a blanket of cold

Heat cries in dismay.

Crunching footsteps

High pitched laughter

Flying balls find their hysterical targets.

Icy fingers purpling

Breath now heavy

Time to find the noise and warmth again.

Just Me and You

Picture courtesy of walldeskhd.com

Picture courtesy of walldeskhd.com

Snow slowly slides
Drifting to my face
Let’s go inside
And hide out in this place
Come on let’s glide
Into our own room
Where we can shine
In the beckoning gloom

No lights just fire
It’ll be me and you
The wintry sky
Hidden behind blue
The warmth beside
Your gorgeous body’s hue
Makes me want to sigh
As my eyes close on the vision of you




Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014). All Rights Reserved.

Hooray for #Wensfriesday!

It’s a dreary day here in South England, but the weather can’t get me down! It’s nearly the 1st of December and the countdown to Christmas.

Now I’m crossing my fingers and making a #Wensfriesday wish that has one special wish at the top of the list…I wish it would snow! 🎶 I wish it would snow!🎶

Courtesy of BBC’s Boogie Beebies – a show my kids loved (and so did I!) when they were younger.

What would you wish for over the festive period? Nothing is too big or too small!

Have a lovely Wensfriesday!