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Saturday Night Confessions

It’s another late one tonight as I’m on my own for the next week. The Hubble has gone on a business trip leaving me with the twiglets and functions to get to over the next few days.

On the drive home Just now, I was thinking how quite a few people I know hate driving in the dark. I find it stimulating and far easier that daytime driving. There are those few weirdos that veer from side to side and the tired drivers that slow and speed sporadically as their auto drive settles in. For me, it’s the beauty of the flashing lights, the cats eyes blinking back at my headlights and the knowledge that my concentration has to be 110%. I love it!

Thrilled as I am about driving at night, you’re probably waiting for my Saturday night confession. Well, tonight I’m struggling to find something to confess about – not for lack of things to say, but thinking of the consequences of saying them out loud. Whispering the sweet nothings to you is the easy part. Living with the repercussions…not so much!

Okay, after deliberating, just before midnight, I will share a bit of my past with you. When I was younger I had a fierce temper. It aggravated me that my brother was the “golden boy” and I was born to be his playmate. They obviously wanted another boy because I could climb better than him, make mud pies and never stood down from a fight. One day, when we were left to our own devices, he used his older brother status to bully me out of an orange. Yes, I’m blushing at the thought. In my defence, I really wanted that orange and the fact that he thought he could just take it from me threw me into an uncontrollable rage. We stated fighting and of course it escalated to the point where he was laughing at my poor attempts to punch him and I grabbed the nearest thing I could find to strike him. (I told you I was dangerous!)

Well, to make a long story short, he thought it a good idea to run away from me and sprinted off into the garden. I followed and from the kitchen door mapped his route and threw the object, which turned out to be a Rubix cube. My aim was accurate and I caught him just above the temple from over five metres away at a full sprint. Yes, I can hear the arrogance in my own voice, but you have to admit that was pretty impressive for a seven year old! He fell and I felt the guilt squashing all the hatred and anger down into a little pile whilst I ran to see if he was okay. Turns out Rubix cubes are pretty lethal, judging by the gash on the side of his head.

I was terrified of what my parents would say when they got home and our nanny arrived in time to see the blood! As usual, she was not impressed with me and my brother was fuming mad. He was fine in the end – a light dressing and some feeble excuse that he caught his head on the low branch of a tree covered up the sustained injury. I had to pay for it for the next few weeks as he threatened to tell my parents if I did not do his chores!

What were your siblings like growing up? Do you have any hair raising stories to tell of near misses?

I have to add that I am a much calmer person now and would never think of throwing an object at a person…promise! 😉

Send in your Saturday Night Confession. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories too.