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Space Dust – Day Three After Cecily

Welcome back to Space Dust’s journey across different blogospheres. A big thank you to Cecily for hosting us yesterday.

Today, we have stopped off at my blog so that I could share a bit more about the book with you and, maybe give you a snippet of the next book! Continue reading

Woohoo! #Wensfriesday!

Drinks for all today! I’ve completed my first day in my new role at work and it rocked. I love it and the job encompasses everything I enjoy – reading, literacy, encouraging children to enjoy reading and better themselves and progressing the school to the best of its ability.

Anyway, never mind that. We have more important things to discuss. What sweet treat did you enjoy today? Please tell me you gave yourself something nice to celebrate the first Friday of the week. For my Wensfriesday treat, the Hubble bought a bag of Liquorice Allsorts…yum!!

Tucked up in bed after a very long day, we are snuggled up with the goody bag, picking out our favourite ones. My second favourite day of the week is tomorrow because it is Library day at school. Next week is World Book Day and preparations are in play for a fun-filled day. My dream is to one day have Scat, Miranda, Le Brush and Cecil featuring on the reading list for World Book Day.

Have a lovely Wensfriesday and don’t forget to share your treats. ☺️