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Saturday Night Confessions

Hi there!

I haven’t written in this section in a while and I’ve just finished my studying for the night, so I thought I’d treat myself to a quick blog post. Yes, that’s the ultimate excitement for me on a Saturday night! Continue reading


Raise your cup with me

Avoid the green spittoon

For dancing full of glee

We forget under the seduction of the moon
Raise your cup with me

Fair Sporalls of the night

The whiff of hoof and wee

Forgotten and out of sight
Raise your cup with me

Ye fair maidens with hidden gems

Gents fall at your long toenailed feet

Bidden by the temptress to rise again
Raise your cup with me

Hairy hollers to the divine

As we frolic beneath her beams

And succumb to music and wine


Young footballers are already gracing the green across from my dwelling, sending chirrups of sound through my double glazed windows.  That cacophony of joy so early in the morning on a Saturday; maybe I need to ask what blend of coffee they are drinking!

It has been a rather fraught week with events I would rather not repeat.  Watching a loved one get rushed to hospital and anxiously waiting for results is something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.  I’m happy to say that all is well now and life is slowly resuming its bland existence.

The countdown is starting to our last big trip for the year and I’m panicking.  There’s so much to do and so little time.  Plus I won’t be around to start the children off for NaNoWriMo. Thankfully, the children have an incredible teacher to take the lead and start them off, so that can be crossed off my list.

Dresses, shoes, swimming costumes and suits must be checked and packed.  After all, weddings don’t come round every day.  

I am continuing this post mid-afternoon after a morning spent shopping with the whole family.  There is not enough painkillers in this world to boot out the agony of clothes shopping with teenagers.  Oh my head is spinning with the clown outfits on display and, I kid you not, the cost of looking like said clown is not exactly cheap.

They’re all out now at their music lesson and I shall have a cup of peppermint tea and a sit down before collecting them and continuing the search for elusive wedding/holiday attire.

Send a search party from me if you don’t hear from me again!