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Book Tuesday: My Poetry Book

Welcome to a different Book Tuesday.  Today, I will be focussing on my collection of poems simply called My Poetry Book

 Poetry has always been a part of my life.  I recall reciting poems to the rose bush outside my brother’s bedroom window.  Some of the poems would turn into songs which seemed to go on forever, or at least that’s the way my mother felt when she told me to shut up! As I grew, so did my confidence and I ended up showing a friend of mine my poetry.  She came up with the name Mello-Elo for me and the nickname stuck to this day!

Shakespeare shook my world when I discovered his Sonnets.  I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful book with his collection of sonnets and accompanying pictures which brought them to life.   

 His influence challenged my perception of beauty, life and the longevity of love. Most of my poems tackled the darker side of love, delving into the depths of despair and depression.  I recall sending my poetry to a publisher many years ago and their request for a few lighter, happier poems to add to the anthology to counter the darkness!  Unfortunately I couldn’t deliver anything light and airy and I lost the contract.  Roll on many more years and I have managed to create a collection that moves through joy, love, pain, hurt and back to hope.  I have ordered the poems to flow with a life, a romance within themselves describing the emotions we subject ourselves to when we succumb to love.  Added into the mix are my own quotes, some humorous, some meaningful. 

 Here is a taster for reading pleasure…

Moving On

Sluggish passing ships carried my memories away

Slowly, quietly, fading like day

A new light was shown to all who cared to see

No recollections for those now set free

Acquiescing to the loss of my former years

I look to the future to cry new tears

Life begins again as the river flows on

My life cannot suspend on things that have gone

For fear of the ships passing my way again

I have jumped onto the first boat of a lonely friend

But alas, it was the wrong one for I see the men

Who will strain the heart and to its death, repeatedly send

In resolution of which way to turn

I have now selected to slowly burn

Upon the ashes of the dead memories

At least there I know I will not be dashed in the lonely seas

A Mello quote…

Mischief is the nymph of good,

Guided by the dark knight of lust,

Befriended by the demons of the soul

And humoured by the corruption of the heart.

My Poetry Book is available from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/eloisedesousa

I hope you enjoyed this week’s book highlight.  Have a great week. 😀

Book Tuesday: Catherine Cookson

Welcome to your weekly dose of authors, books, stories and general mulch concerning books!

Dame Catherine Cookson, DBE (27 June 1906 – 11 June 1998) was an English author. She became the United Kingdom’s most widely read novelist, with sales topping 100 million, while retaining a relatively low profile in the world of celebrity writers. Her books were inspired by her deprived youth in South Tyneside, North East England, the setting for her novels.

This week, I am focussing on Catherine Cookson, an incredible historical novelist whom I have enjoyed reading for many years.  Her books have encouraged my love for the cultures found in rural North England, following the interwoven family sagas set in tiny villages and towns.  Generations have passed through her talented fingers, spilling out tales of deception, intrigue, murder and of course, romance. 

  My favourite book out of her collection would have to be The Dwelling Place.  Set in a mining village, Cissie Brodie has to raise her brothers and sisters on her own after her parents suddenly die.  Fearing they would be separated, and without a large sum of money to pay for accommodation, she sets forth across the barren land and finds a cave fit for turning into a home for her family.  Tongues are set wagging when a local carpenter takes an interest in helping her family out, even though he is promised to the miller’s daughter.  The web slowly tangles as Cissie is attacked by the local lord’s son and daughter and she falls pregnant.  

The strength and resilience shown by Cissie throughout the book makes you fall in love with her character. Her love for her family makes her sacrifice her own child to save her sister from a jail sentence for theft. I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you, but I would recommend it as a worthy read.  I first read The Dwelling Place when I was a teenager and recently caught the BBC drama adaption of the story.  If you haven’t read the book, it is a very good version of the story.  Personally, I felt their characterisation of Cissie and her siblings rather insipid in comparison to the book. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

 It is the sadness and innate human qualities of each character that bring Dame Catherine Cookson’s stories to life.  Whilst researching her life for this piece, I found out her history with the small northern towns, growing up under the care of her grandparents and mother (whom she thought was her sister).  Dame Catherine had her fair share of work in service, which gave her a good perspective of life as a servant.  At the age of 34, she married Tom Cookson, a school teacher.  Sadly, she was unable to have children due to a vascular disease that caused severe bleeding and anemia. In later life, after making her millions from the sales of her wonderful books, she donated money to numerous causes close to her heart, one of them being the illness she suffered from called telangiectasia. 

Dame Catherine Cookson died at the age of 91.  Her legacy lives on through the foundations she set up for writers, hospitals and research facilities.  Her generosity knew no limits and I would like to think that she would be a good role model for young women.  From humble beginnings, she built herself up through strength, courage and natural talent.  I can see where her characters get their passion from and that teaches me, as a writer,to look for characteristics within to breathe life into my characters on paper.  

I hope you enjoyed my brief overview of a wonderful author.  Thank you for reading.

Book Tuesday – Book Reviews

Hi!  Today, instead of sharing a story or excerpt from a book, I’m taking a look at book reviews I have done in the past.  The reason I’m doing this is I recently saw a book review of a friend and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed his book.


His name is Paul Stears, author of Faces Of A Small City. We met through Twitter and agreed to send each other our novels for honest reviews. At the time, we were both busy with other projects and life in general, but Paul took the time to read Deception for me and gave me a wonderful review. It was my turn to read his book and I enjoyed the escape between hospital runs with my mum. I thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing and the easy way he drew the reader into the plot. After sending through my review we discussed improvements on both our books and viewed to review each other’s books in the future. I’m looking forward to working with Paul again and hope he will have his next book out soon. 

If you haven’t read Faces Of A Small City, I highly recommend it. 

Here is a copy of my review on Amazon…

The setting of Canterbury lends a beautiful backdrop to this intricate tale of loyalty, love and the pursuit of happiness in a group of friends and their families. This contemporary romance follows the characters as their stories are gently woven together to create a wonderful drama that kept me in suspense till the very end. I loved Jakes, the key narrator in the story and I was left wondering if we would have the opportunity to meet him again in another romance by Paul Stears. A thoroughly enjoyable book with strong characters and well written backdrops that added to the sparkle of this Canterbury romance!

 It will leave you wanting to visit Cambridge to enjoy the scenery and lifestyle yourself! 


The second author I am revisiting today is L.K. Brass, author of The Apocolypse Deal.  


Now this book was introduced to me through Goodreads when Mr Brass messaged me asking for an honest review. I was quite cheeky and asked him to send me a hard copy as I was curious to see if the cover looked as good in print as it did online! I was not disappointed. 


The Apocolypse Deal was originally written in Italian and translated by Elizabeth Wright.  The story itself has high octane action with touches of Clancy and Le Carré.  There was a no-nonsense attitude to the story which I enjoyed and I was not disappointed by the end.  If cyber espionage is your thing, then this might be your next best book to read!

Unfortunately I was not very fair to L.K. Brass as I did not leave a full review due to other distractions.  Yes, I do get distracted easily! I shall be rectifying that and linking my review Of The Apocolypse Deal  to his Goodreads account.  I do hope you take the time to read this book, as I feel it deserves its place on your bookshelf, maybe next to Faces Of A Small City, just to shake things up!

Thanks for joining me on Book Tuesday.  

Review: Deception

Lance Greenfield gives his opinion on Deception which is available from the Amazon website.

Write to Inspire

Deception by Eloise De Sousa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is much more than a suspense thriller. There is romance, there is deceit and double-crossing, there is mystery, there is hot sexual tension, and there is fear.

Amanda returns to her native Harare on a work assignment. She tries to unravel some family mysteries which led to her self-imposed exile. Every stone she turns reveals a new, usually unpleasant, surprise.

She is torn between her former lover and her current almost-a-lover. She doesn’t know whom she should trust, including members of her own family. There are many tests, and the tension rises. The reader is also torn in several directions. I challenge you to take the journey with Amanda and guess whom she can trust before she takes the right or wrong path.

The constant theme throughout is how much she cares for her son, Zach. The greatest…

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Review of Deception

Thank you to Martha Kiernan, an avid supporter of my work, for offering to review Deception. Continue reading

Book Tuesday: Guest Author short story

Hello and welcome to Book Tuesday.  Today I have a special guest blogger/author who has kindly written a story for your pleasure. Continue reading

#Thunderclap Promotion Update – I Can Still Use Your Help

Spreading the word for an incredible author…

Author P.S. Bartlett

Good Morning!


I just wanted to stop in and give you all a quick update on my Thunderclap progress.

As of this writing, the stats are:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!
Have a great day!

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Book Tuesday – The Cliffs At Hopley

“I should be returning home now,” she whispered more to herself than to her tall, dark companion. Continue reading

Book Tuesday – Adult Book Corner: The Cliffs At Hopley

As promised earlier, I have started writing a fictional romance/thriller which will hopefully keep you guessing and following over the next couple of weeks.

This was just an idea that crept into my mind yesterday, so apologies if I leave a few loose threads here and there as the story develops. Feel free to hop in and tie them up for me or comment if you don’t like the way the story is heading. Remember this is an adult story, so there might be some explicit scenes of violence, death or of a sexual nature.

The title to the story is subject to change. I can’t think of a better title as yet so if you have any suggestions, pop them into the comments box and click send.

Okay, The Cliffs At Hopley will be posted at around 6pm (GMT). Looking forward to your comments, suggestions or even participation. Feel free to add on to the story if that’s where it takes you.

See you at six tonight!

Book Tuesday

Good morning! Today is Book Tuesday and I will have another instalment of Cecil’s notorious naughtiness later.  I will also have a special instalment of a new story for the adults today.  Hope you will enjoy it.

So join me later for Cecil and a new adult romance/thriller which I haven’t named yet!

Have a good day.  xxx