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Monday Coffee

We are gathered today in the surgery of Mummy De Sousa!  Grab your masks and make sure to wash your hands.  Coffee will be served after.  Our case on file today is the loose tooth of the youngest sprog in the family.

For the past four days we have been watching the top right incisor slowly loosen to the point of no return.  Tonight, said tooth has shown significant movement and might decide to release itself from gum imprisonment.  Whilst a firm grip and wriggling and squiggling have worked in the past, tougher measures might need to be taken.  As you stand there with me watching the tooth fight to hold onto its warm, cosy existence, I have a deeper question for you: when is the right time to let go?  As milk teeth refuse to budge until their secure home is shaken to the core, when do we seek to change our lifestyles and habits of co-existence?

My eldest turned sixteen today and I am amazed at his confidence and individuality.  I possessed little to no confidence at his age and was only discovering myself, let alone the big world outside.  Yet, he has already travelled to two different countries on his own, stayed with families he never knew and spoke foreign languages to communicate with them.  Watching him coax my youngest to allow him a crack at loosening the offending tooth, I envy him.  Maybe I would have been a different person if I had been given the opportunities he has in life.  So many roads not taken and so many choices left to drift unanswered in the winds of time.

Back to the case at hand.  The tooth is on its last leg but I think a coffee break is in order as the youngest has decided to go brush his teeth again so that the tooth fairy pays prime gold coins for said bounty!  Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate whilst we wait?  I don’t know about you, but being over forty does not rock as much as one would have you believe.  You’re faced with the realisation that mortality is waiting round every corner and you have so little time left to be happy, every consideration is made to make the most out of life.  

The kettle has boiled.  Sugar? Milk?  

How do you face the dilemma of changes once the children grow and you discover that this is the second half of a marathon to achieve something…anything before joining the lost souls roaming the ether?  

Ah, little sprog is back with his big brother.  It seems the tooth has won this round and we are back to the surgery tomorrow to extract the offender before it inflicts too much pain on our patient.  As I kiss them good-night, I wonder what their forties will be like and whether they will ask the same questions as I do now.

Well, it is much quieter now and we still have time for a second cup.  Tell me about your Monday…

#Wensfriesday New Year’s Eve

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for New Year’s Eve to fall on! Our mid-week break, our mid-week treats! The combination of chocolates, cheese, pickles and wine. Yum!

As we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, let’s not reminisce on the bad things. Let’s pluck the good strings for a change and focus on what went right. Spare a thought for all those families that have lost loved ones over this Christmas period (there have been many!) and say a prayer of thanks for all we have, whether it’s a little load or a big one. For those who don’t pray, maybe thank your lucky stars.

I read a post yesterday and the lovely lady asked if I have any special resolutions. My response was no. I don’t like making resolutions because I always set myself up to fail. Lose weight, read more, study more, shout at the kids less. All these things are determined on what life throws at you so promising yourself not to react in your normal way is kind of setting yourself up for the big fail. Instead, I promise myself to be the best image of me. Take the time to think of what others are going through before reacting. Save some space to do one kind deed when the opportunity arises. Yes! Yes! I know…they sound like resolutions. My argument is – these statements are more a way of living your life, of taking a time out to do a stopover at decent humane behaviour before making rash selfish decisions.

Temptation is always there, ready to pull us back into our selfish ways. Maybe it’s worth the fight to resist, to reason and resolve to act humanely. I’m sure most of you do this already so it won’t be hard. The differences these decisions make on one’s life exponentially affects those around you and benefits more. Like a sweetie explosion!
So on this last day of 2014 I ask that you spend those moments you would normally use for making resolutions to resolve to be the best version of yourself. Expect failures, accept them. But pick up your best self, dust it off and put it back on again! You are the sweets, the chocolates, the treats of this world. It’s just a matter of sharing that goodness with others. You can only do that with practice.

Happy New Year everyone. May the best of your past be the worst of your futures!