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Monday Coffee

It will be time to say good-bye soon. Our bat cave here in the foresty groves of Woodley will be gone and a new bat cave will have to be sought. It’s a strange feeling, leaving the friends we have made and the areas we have grown to love. Over the past week, our fellow dog-walkers have said their good-byes and sent on their well wishes. To some, I have promised copies of my books and to others, I am holding onto their contact details to continue our blossoming friendship.

Henry the dog will be sad leaving his friends.  He has met so many lovely four legged friends and has spent many an hour frolicking in the field in front of our temporary home, racing and barking with his playmates. Now, we are looking forward to pure forest with an abundance of space that sparks the imagination. Like my dear friend, Colleen the Fairy Whisperer, I hope to meet some fairies in the forests close to the new house and spend time getting to know their secrets.

With the summer quickly approaching, the promise of long, late evenings and early mornings means more time spent outdoors – something I thoroughly enjoy. The countdown has begun and soon the packing will become a priority, even to a prolific procrastinator like me!

While we still have this time together in this house, let us enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of home made chocolate cake as we reminisce over the very short year we have spent in this space. The world is so big and we have only bitten into a tiny inconsequential piece of it, craving to take a larger chomp when finances allow.  The children already have itchy feet and are planning their own trips for next year.  I fear the world is going crazy and I don’t relish the idea of releasing them into the wild on their own.  But alas, the world is no more crazy than it was a hundred years ago and I can’t stop them from growing up.

If you could choose a place to go, where would it be? How many homes have you lived in in your lifetime? For me, this will be the eleventh in 42 years! Who can beat that?