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Happy Easter

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter filled with lovely chocolates or treats.

After a very wet dog walk this morning, my family and I are relaxing in the warmth and digesting a rather delicious lunch.  I will set up a treasure hunt later, once the first round of eggs have settled.

I hope you’re having a good day and send you all huge hugs and loads of love.  After all, today is a special day for rejoicing and sharing our appreciation for each other, no matter what we believe.

Peace and love to you all.  xxx


Sunday Coffee with Friends

The coffee house looks full, warm and welcoming and as I squeeze my way through the talented artists, I spot a free table in the corner. Streamers twinkle gold and red as the flutter from the ceiling and a Christmas tree in the corner dazzles the eye with its shiny baubles and pretty decorations.

Dumping my rucksack on the floor, I make my way to the barrista to get a hazel nut hot chocolate fix in a lovely big mug. Someone bumps into me and I turn in time to catch Hugh in his new Stilleto heels that he wrestled from a Rockette in New York. After giving me a quick hug, he sashays off back to a table with Amanda, Ronovan, Colleen and Chris.

I carefully carry the hot mug to my table which has suddenly become a busy hive of laughter and music. Mihrank and Darling Chay are charming the crowd with their beautiful music whilst Luccia, Serins, Jo, Suzie and Ramona (looking fabulous as always) clap along. John Mark Miller, Faith Unlocked and JohnCoyote are deep in conversation with A Momma’s View and Eli Glassman about different religious beliefs and send out a vibe of calm into the excited crowd.

Nicholas and Cyril wave at me from across the room and a raucous laugh catches my attention. It’s Chuck Wendig! He’s just come in with Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge who is not looking as amused as the rest of the crowd. Her throne has been usurped by the cute and cuddly Katzenworld who wastes no time in curling up and falling asleep, which is surprising in such noisy surroundings.

JMLibby comes up and gives me a big hug and we share our crazy stories of the past few weeks. I’m so excited to tell her that I’ve actually sold some books in different countries…not a lot but it’s a start. All the tweeting and my weak attempts at advertising seem to be picking up a bit. I tell her how I’ve met fellow writers during NaNoWriMo in my local area and one of those writers has made it onto a bestseller listing! Not only am I impressed, I’m trying to push for more readers to buy his book. There’s nothing like friends to help you go further and after the awesome people I’ve met blogging who have helped me, it’s the least I could do. Speaking of new friends, Shawn waves from across the room and I wave back, smiling.

I ask her over the music and laughter how her travelling is going, what with the crazy weather and numerous travellers during the Christmas season and wish her a wonderful year ahead. Meredith catches my eye and I quickly grab my rucksack and move on, stopping by Gene’O to give him a hug and hi five for his awesome blogs and facebook build up. It’s great to see him on FB and I quickly mention how much I enjoy the blogs he shares before moving on to the Modern Philosopher and Meredith who are in deep conversation about Christmas cheer.

Harsh Reality and Chuck have found each other in the chaos and rant together on various subjects they have controversially covered over the year, cackling at their lovely dry humour and sarcasm. I wish I could stay and join the conversation but I check the time and have to go. I spend a few minutes asking Meredith how she is since I haven’t had a chance to visit her blog recently. The alarm on my phone goes off warning me that I have to leave soon. As I say my goodbyes and move to the door, I linger for a second, taking in the ambience of the room. Friendly faces from different parts of the world sip their drinks and share their love of art, culture, religion and words. Yup, I love this place.

Until next time, I slowly leave the warmth of the blogging community behind in our little coffee shop.

Picture courtesy of aldi.us