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Pics of Henry

Henry is now eight months old, and as he approaches his first year on this planet, I thought I would share a few pics from the past few months.

 I remember our excitement the day we collected this furry little bundle.  His sweet face a curious eyes had us at his beck and call for a few weeks.

   With soft, floppy ears, a bouncy, bitey personality and an abundance of adoration, he’s grown from a tubby little guy into a big horse running and knocking things about.
 Always up to some sort of mischief, Henry keeps us on our toes. His big smile and loving personality make everything in between worthwhile.


Bedtime tales with Henry

  There was once a little Sprocker who was cheeky and bit,

Right through a boy’s headphones, which made him have a fit!

Refusing to share a room with a dog who thought it was okay

To destroy every item left handy as a chew toy, he was sent away.

  Up the stairs he crept, like a little mouse

Tiptoeing footsteps pit-pattering through the house

Into the bedroom is where he decided to lay

His weary, sad head after receiving a bollocking for the fray.

  Mummy’s place was empty and so into her bed he crept

Waiting for her cuddles as he silently wept.

Never mind dear Henry, I’m sure all will be forgotten

Once the boy recovers from you biting his PSVita’s bottom!