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If We Were Having Coffee…

I would curl up in my favourite chair and smile as your place your beverage on the low standing table between us. I would share my happiest news, that my mum is now out of hospital and back at the nursing home where I hope the care will be better. This past week, actually the past couple of weeks have caught up with me and my blogs have been decreasing in number and quality content as I have lost my mojo so to speak! It’s been stressful and I struggled to find the right topic to write. Lost of false starts and half baked blogs will have to be clipped from my saved work.

This week is going to be fabulously busy as my brother is coming to town. It’s been ten years since I last saw him and we are so excited, I can’t even put it into words. My two younger kids have never met him so they are in for a surprise, and so is he! They are notoriously ‘lively’ and will have him wrapped round their little fingers in no time. They have that effect.

How is your family and how was your week?

After a sip of my hazelnut hot chocolate I would tell you about the library I run at school and how well it’s going. The teachers seem happy with the topic books ordered for the term and the plan to update their books in advance so they are not waiting next term has gone down a treat. My library club has seen numbers rise since I’ve introduced a chess board and guest readers/speakers with stories to share with their peers. As the winter sets in more children will want to stay inside in the warmth and this will give them an opportunity to curl up in the library as a choice.

What are your plans for the half term/October break? Are you going away anywhere?

My daughter has her German exchange coming this coming weekend so I will have a full house and not much time to write. Once everyone has left, our half term holidays will begin. At least we will get a chance to wind down.

I would check the time and finish up my hot chocolate. Lifting my multi-coloured backpack which annoys the hell out of my family since it doesn’t go with anything I wear and is not very fashionable, I would lean over and give you a huge hug.

Promise me we will meet for a coffee again soon and catch up.

Hoping the weeks go well for you until we meet again.


Picture from miami.cbslocal.com
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