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Monk’s House

Monk’s House

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Are you coming?


Are you coming to this year’s Bash? It’s on the 19th May and there are no competing attractions, however keen you are on Royal Weddings and FA Cup finals. I’m mean, seriously? Competition? Pah!

If not, why not?

Here’s where you can get tickets.

If you are booked, then this is what you need to know.

The Bash is held this year at The George IV pub in Chiswick. Here’s a link to said welcoming hostelry. We will take over the Boston Room for our glorious meet up.

The fun starts at 10.30 and runs until 4.30. Here’s a link to the agenda post with details.

Before I get into more details on travel and admin on the day there’s one big thing I’d like help with. As there will be a fair few of us coming and we are in a pub that serves food, the options for lunch…

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Gathered in Requiem

Crows huddle in their blackened shrouds

A treasured box of bones to behold

With fluttered wings they flounce and flow

Their lives tethered to stringed souls


Council leads the ghastly meet

The murder sing songs of fading remembrance

A requiem soliloquy so carefully laid

Words delivering life’s sweet vengeance


Wet beaks and muttered parochial verse

The only sustenance offered

As washed out eyes take in the scene

A memory of love once suffered


Lowly clouds gather above

Witness to one more ending

The ebb of life once fast and free

To heaven or Hades, now sending



Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2017)


The Serins Starlight Special Party – recap #BeWoW #SerinsShoutOut

A huge thanks to Serins for running a full week of fun and interaction over various media fronts. It’s been awesome and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. So, whilst I nibble on my piece of Biltong, here’s a recap of the week from Serins. 😀

Monday Coffee

The bell tinkled over the coffee house door, heralding the arrival of the usual crowd.  My eyes searched the faces, some familiar, some new.  I could make out Teagan and Holly and waved madly, beckoning to them to come sit with me.  Mihran’s musical melodies soothed our ears whilst P.S. Bartlett read out a chapter from her new book, Demons and Pearls, The Razor’s Adventures, to a rapturous applause.

As soon as she finished, Mel entertained us with her A to Z blog of the Krakens!  Today is day thirteen and the letter ‘K’. A few more bloggers gave their ‘K’ contributions including Soucerer with his own collection of contributors to the challenge. Each received a wonderful show of support.  I thoroughly enjoyed their different ideas to fill a letter in the alphabet and wondered if I could manage a month of blogs every day.  With a schedule of blogs I already struggle on occasion to meet, it would be quite the challenge.  

We all took a moment to think of Hugh, our wonderful fellow blogger.  Our hearts and prayers go out to him at this sad time.  Cups were raised and a silent moment taken.  It was on that note that most left for the night, out into the mild Monday evening air.  

I pulled my rucksack over my shoulders and strolled across the park, listening to the owls hooting at the moon.  The silence seemed appropriate on the quiet night.

Saturday Night Confessions Reminder

Join me later tonight when I reveal…well I don’t know yet.  Still pondering on what I feel like sharing with you.

Any suggestions, questions or something burning inside of you that you’d love to know about me? Leave a comment and I shall promise to try answering it as honestly as possible.

Okay now I’m nervous!  

See you later.  Oh and if no-one leaves a question, I will just have to go with whatever comes to mind!  

Pic courtesy of Giphy.com and animationgraphics.com

Writer’s Quote Wednesday with Silver Threading


And, after all, what is a lie? ‘Tis but
The truth in masquerade.
Lord Byron
Don Juan

Love this quote!

If We Were Having Coffee

The bell tinkles over the glass door to the coffee house and I rush in from the rain, welcomed by the homely smell of roasted coffee beans and freshly baked confectionaries. I’m here with a mission. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee…

I would curl up in my favourite chair and smile as your place your beverage on the low standing table between us. I would share my happiest news, that my mum is now out of hospital and back at the nursing home where I hope the care will be better. This past week, actually the past couple of weeks have caught up with me and my blogs have been decreasing in number and quality content as I have lost my mojo so to speak! It’s been stressful and I struggled to find the right topic to write. Lost of false starts and half baked blogs will have to be clipped from my saved work.

This week is going to be fabulously busy as my brother is coming to town. It’s been ten years since I last saw him and we are so excited, I can’t even put it into words. My two younger kids have never met him so they are in for a surprise, and so is he! They are notoriously ‘lively’ and will have him wrapped round their little fingers in no time. They have that effect.

How is your family and how was your week?

After a sip of my hazelnut hot chocolate I would tell you about the library I run at school and how well it’s going. The teachers seem happy with the topic books ordered for the term and the plan to update their books in advance so they are not waiting next term has gone down a treat. My library club has seen numbers rise since I’ve introduced a chess board and guest readers/speakers with stories to share with their peers. As the winter sets in more children will want to stay inside in the warmth and this will give them an opportunity to curl up in the library as a choice.

What are your plans for the half term/October break? Are you going away anywhere?

My daughter has her German exchange coming this coming weekend so I will have a full house and not much time to write. Once everyone has left, our half term holidays will begin. At least we will get a chance to wind down.

I would check the time and finish up my hot chocolate. Lifting my multi-coloured backpack which annoys the hell out of my family since it doesn’t go with anything I wear and is not very fashionable, I would lean over and give you a huge hug.

Promise me we will meet for a coffee again soon and catch up.

Hoping the weeks go well for you until we meet again.


Picture from miami.cbslocal.com
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