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Monday Coffee

Electricity radiated through my aching body. The flush and swell around me only added to the scintillating sensation of freedom. Finally, the burn washed through me and I knew that I was benefiting from my early morning aqua-aerobics class. How was your Monday morning?

Glad we have a chance to pick up where we left off last week. I’m surprising myself by writing this post. I honestly didn’t think I would get round to it considering what a procrastinator I become during the holidays. With arthritis making any job an effort at the moment, I’ve decided to push my mind and body further than it has gone before. I intend to be healthy and refuse to succumb to the pain. So, in the spirit of my half hour intention on improvement (soon to be gone where all other intentions go to die) I am inviting you to join me for a coffee and catch up.

Grab your mug from the kitchen and let’s go sit in the garden. The sun has decided to make a rare appearance today. We’d best make the most of it. Did you get a chance to see the Perseid meteor show this weekend? It was fantastic. Hubble and I took the children out to the field outside our house and lay on blue rugs with the blanket of stars pressing down from above. The moon competed for our attention and refused to dim as we turned from her, trying to focus on the dust hitting the atmosphere, sending sparks in the sky. Some left trails behind them whereas others imitated falling stars. It reminded me of moths attracted to a flame, fluttering away once burnt.

My middle sprog decided to bring a flask of hot chocolate with her. The sipping, the smell and the ambiance, punctured occasionally by my younger sprog’s squeals of fear every time the shrubs shrugged, added to the wonderful night. It was a late by the time we headed home and everyone felt a sense of achievement. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with family and long dog walks which is a constant source of entertainment and good exercise.

What did you do for your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and filled with good memories. If you had something to smile about this weekend, don’t forget to let Trent know. He does a lovely Weekly Smile post that brims with positivity. Why not add your smile to his?

Now, before your coffee gets too cold, let me tell you about a new story I’ve started, based on a prompt from the lovely Colleen, the Fairy Whisperer. It’s a little tale about two children and their pets who have to find an Amoulean staff to stop a war between the underworld and the residents of South Meadow. So far, I’ve introduced my readers to the Queen of the sun dwellers, Lord Rabattan (general of the troll army and usurper) and Prince Grotchen, leader of the trolls and the only creature holding a truce between the different tribes of the underworld. Let me know what you think of the story so far and I will be posting a new installment soon.

I’ll warm up the kettle and I think we will have to head indoors again. The sun has done its disappearing act and winter has descended. Let’s go inside and warm ourselves in front of the fire instead.