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Don’t go out. Don’t go near. Don’t uncover. Just don’t!

We are living the dream.

Those festivities we avoided with such flippant negligence is now a distant memory.

Zoom. Zoom. Google Meet. Teams. Whoop!



What a way to communicate.

Jokes agitate as Tiktok concentrates the bored.

Meetings with half-dressed workers fade to tirades for and against the vaccines and face masks.

The sound of tumbleweed rolls across school room floors.

Stillness catches on the feet of silent students sitting through online lessons, pretending to care.

Each household occupant mesmerised by screens – all shapes to fit all sizes – fuelling the need to educate and replicate finances.

We grow as people.

News becomes the main course of entertainment; briefings from the Government is seen as prime time television. Yet, it plays out like a soap opera, portraying predictable plots with caricatured speakers grinding out soliloquies of fortitude to the nation.

We grow weary.

‘Get children back to school!’

‘Vaccinate the vulnerable!’


‘Nothing was done fast enough!’

Hyperbole flows in rivers of information, confirmation and confrontation from all corners of the continent. Unsettled murmurs of incompetency grow as fear is replaced by anger. Explanations and apologies hold as much value as a bag of Dolly Mix.

In the meantime, we count the souls like lost teeth.

More bitter than sweet.

Life becomes hard to swallow.

Copyright ©Eloise De Sousa (2021). All rights reserved.

Catch Up Coffee

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Monday Coffee

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2018 Christmas Charity Appeal – Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me Links To Your Blogs And Books

via 2018 Christmas Charity Appeal – Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me Links To Your Blogs And Books

Applying Psychology to Optimizing Landing Pages

Christmas is coming and the optimum time to start sending out your Christmas sales mailshots to prospective readers is long overdue. But, landing that sale is never easy. Most of the expert sites seem to have an inside lane on how to attract interest to their landing pages (sales pages) and how to get readers to purchase from their landing page. They make it look effortless to catch that elusive reading fish searching for a bargain. How on earth do the rest of us keep up?

As a digital marketer, you know that landing pages are essential for creating great first impressions and generating leads for each marketing campaign. But simply creating a landing page with a gated offer is not enough for your campaign to be successful.

To help create the most basic landing page with a lot of selling appeal, Campaign Monitor, an email marketing platform provider, shares blogger, Brandon Weaver’s break down on the simple psychology used when planning your landing page. He gives an easy-to-follow check list of things to look out for when adding items to your site and the value of including trust indicators to make your customers feel safe.

Landing page design goes much deeper than making your pages look pretty and easy to navigate. You must know what makes visitors take action and what makes them abandon your page. This is where understanding landing page psychologycan be the difference in winning a conversion or losing the prospect forever.

In today’s post, we’ll look at how to design an optimized landing page and how to apply a few psychological principles that are proven to convince visitors to take action.

How to apply psychology and design an optimized landing page

Create a compelling headline to draw visitors in

To capture visitors’ attention immediately and keep them engaged on your page long enough to evaluate your offer, you need a compelling headline. Speak directly to the benefits of your product or service and how it fulfills an essential need for your prospect.

One technique to use is the focusing effect.

The focusing effect is the tendency of people to place too much emphasis on one thing at the expense of others. When it comes to your landing page headline, though, you can use this to your advantage.

Your product or service likely has many benefits, but highlighting your unique value proposition (UVP) in your headline helps prospects focus strongly on that one feature. In turn, your UVP encourages them to click your CTA button.

JumpCrew lists several of its benefits in the copy, but highlights its UVP (more customers for less money) in the headline to grab visitors’ attention and make them hungry for more information:

JumpCrew - Compelling Headline - Unique Value Proposition

Another way to craft a compelling headline is via message matching. Message matching provides a consistent message from ad to landing page to make prospects more comfortable in converting on your landing page offer. It is most common in headlines, but it can also be demonstrated through images, copy, and colors.

Getting your prospective visitors to notice your message is all well and good, but keeping them on your page is what turns them into serious customers. Adding interesting and relevant content will entice your visitor to explore your page and seems pretty obvious, but there is more you can do to add interest. 

Include engaging media to keep visitors engaged

In the list of landing page best practices, video and images both play a critical role in persuading visitors to take action. For example, on average, a visitor will stay on a web page with video (5 minutes and 50 seconds) longer versus a page with only text and images (43 seconds). So it’s no surprise that videos have proven to increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Landing page images often employ the “deictic gaze” — a visual cue to draw the viewer’s attention toward an intended object. The most common example of this is a person looking towards the CTA button, drawing the visitor’s attention to it so they click it.

Take a look at this page, and notice where your attention goes:

Campaign Monitor – Landing Page CTA Button

Adding a video relevant to your product may not have been your first choice for engaging a new audience, but it could be an easy way to add interest to your product.

Moving on from the visual aids, Brandon breaks down the impact of content. What could be breaking news on a new book or your ‘must have’ Christmas offer may be derailed by content that falls flat on its face. How do you stop this from happening?

Write ultra persuasive copy

Not only should your copy be readable, it should also be easy to understand. Stay away from jargon and write in a way that a 6th grader would understand. For example, if your solution saves people money, don’t say “closefisted.” Instead, say cost-effective.

Also, loss aversion can be an effective psychological tactic. It’s based on the idea that people value not losing something more than gaining something. So telling your prospects what they’ll be losing if they don’t convert is a surefire way to get them to take action — especially when you combine this with a free offer.

Take a look how Webinfinity applies loss aversion to their landing page copy with their headline and first section header. First, they ask visitors if they’re losing the PRM technology game. Then, they tell visitors they’re losing the game if they’re still using older technology:

Webinfinity - Landing Page Copy

Now that you have your visitor’s attention and they are there to stop and browse for a while, do you convert them into customers that buy or keep them entertained by the visuals and content? What is required to set the right tone to create a reaction to the smorgasbord you’ve prepared?

Urgency is another effective strategy to incorporate in your landing page copy. By letting prospects know they must act quickly to redeem the offer, you’re persuading them to convert. This is often done in conjunction with a countdown timer, like a webinar landing page or event registration page.

Next is the decoy effect. It involves at least three choices packaged smartly together using persuasive copy to convince prospects to select the option you want them to choose. Sales pages (like a pricing page) in particular use this tactic in which adding a decoy option (a third option) to a set of original options tends to increase the prospect’s preference for one option over the other original option. Meaning, one option is inferior to another, but in the middle ground compared to the least favorable option.

Here’s how The New Yorker uses the decoy effect on their subscription landing page. By adding the best value option — both print and digital subscription for the same price as just either one by itself — it makes choosing that one a no-brainer:

The New Yorker - Subscription Landing Page
Whilst finding the perfect balance between the tone of the copy, highlighting  headings to match your mail shot and creating images to keep your prospective customer on your page, we can’t forget the importance of balance:

Utilize white space to focus their attention

White space and various color combinations are great for providing visitors with a pleasing visual experience, but they also play a vital role in persuading visitors to click your CTA button.

White space (aka empty space) helps isolate certain elements on your landing page, like forms and CTA buttons, so they can draw maximum attention. By surrounding important elements with white space, you effectively tell visitors what you want them to focus on.

When it comes to color, consider the Von Restorff Effect, which states that people tend to remember things that stand out to them most. With landing pages design your CTA button in a contrasting color (preferably a color that hasn’t been used anywhere) so it’s very obvious where they must go to redeem your offer. If you’re unsure of which color to choose, look at the color wheel and choose the opposite color of your page’s dominant color. For example, if your page is mostly blue, select orange for the CTA button.

Look how Five9 surrounded their CTA button and video with white space and designed it in a contrasting color to make it “pop” off the page:

Five9 – CTA Button – White Space & Color Combinations

The value of good colour and balance can never be underestimated. It took me many tries to get a colour combination for my author page that appealed to my readers and I’m still not certain I have it right.  After the examples given, even a novice like myself can make the necessary changes to tweak my landing page and make it more attractive for the most wary customer. We cannot forget though, that our pages are not the only ones out there trying to sell their wares. What makes a landing page stand out against the competition when encouraging prospective buyers that it will fulfill their order requests?

Add trust indicators to make visitors feel safe

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches us that one of the most basic human needs is safety. When marketers don’t apply safety elements to landing pages to instill trust, it’s easy to understand why they abandon the page: they don’t feel safe and secure providing their personal information.

Trust indicators come in many forms: customer badges or testimonials, awards, industry ratings, and a privacy policy link. All of these can help make prospects feel confident enough to convert on your offer, or at least stay on your page long enough to consider it.

Social proof is one of the best ways to gain prospect’s trust. Displaying customer testimonials and prominent publications that your brand has been featured establishes credibility for your offer. It makes people more comfortable knowing other people trust you.

Here is a Highfive landing page that incorporates both a customer testimonial and industry ratings to make prospects feel safe:

Highfive - Customer Testimonials and Industry Ratings

Right, we have the customer on our landing page and they have made the decision to purchase a book or product – what do we do next to make sure they follow through with a positive action?

Design an attractive form and CTA button to seal the deal

The lead capture form and CTA button are the two most important elements for conversions. After all, the form collects leads’ information and clicking the CTA button is how a prospect finalizes their conversion.

Since these are the most important elements on your page, they need to stand out.

Encapsulation, or creating an enclosed window of focus, is a great way to highlight your form and draw attention to it. You can do this with outlines and/or contrasting colors.

Freshsales encapsulates their lead capture form using white:

Freshsales - Lead Capture Form & CTA Button

Getting the form noticed is one thing. Convincing prospects to take further action takes more than a noticeable form. That’s where CTA copy comes into play.

Instead of using vague words like “Download,” “Submit,” or “Register,” being specific and emphasizing the benefits of your offer is more likely to boost conversions. Notice how Healthcare Software Hub crafted their CTA copy to be specific and action-oriented:

Healthcare Software Hub – Call to Action – CTA Copy

Wrap up

Simply creating a landing page and generating traffic to it is not sufficient to increase your conversions. You must design the page with the right elements while implementing some psychological principles. Only then will your visitors be persuaded to take action and your marketing funnel start to collect more and more leads.

A huge thank you to Campaign Monitor for sharing Brandon Weaver’s blog. If you would like further information on an easy email marketing platform your blog page or author site, visit Campaign Monitor for some great advice, tips and products. 

Thanks for reading.


Autumn trails continued

As last week’s walk was fun, I thought we could take a different route today and visit the farm about two fields over from the house. Don’t worry about your wellies (Wellington boots) as it has dried out since this morning. I suggest a light coat since our indian summer has definitely warmed the fields and valley. Let’s go visit the avenue of ancient trees.

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Autumn Trails

As the days get shorter and night draws us under its sparkly blanket, an overwhelming urge to hibernate takes over the soul. Warm mugs of sugary beverages are welcomed and wholesome food becomes a part of the norm.

My family tends to shy away from extra curricular activities that take us into the shadowy hours, preferring to hurry home and snuggle in front of the television or beside the fire with a good book.

I would like to take you on a tour of our little world, presenting the highs and lows of living out in the countryside with deer striding past your door in the middle of the night and the melancholy sounds of the foxes in symphony as you try to sleep with the forest just outside the bedroom window.

Let’s start with a early morning dog walk through the meadow…


A silky nightdress covers the meadow, distorting the soft light of dawn. The further you walk under its silken sheen, the easier it becomes to make out the dips and folds of the shape of the land beneath. A cold nip in the air keeps things crisp and the crunchy frost spiking up the grassy slopes bends and succumbs to my heavy boots leaving a marked path over its body.


The moon still smiles down at the earth, refusing to disappear, showing off her beauty to those happy enough to keep her company until the sun gathers enough energy to unveil the beauty of the meadow.

A view of the farm and hills in the distance show remnants of the hot summer in the golden ears blowing in the wind, calling out to my dog to run through them. Green spots of new life lay hidden beneath the gold, waiting for the longer cooler temperatures to breathe life into the autumn display.


At the top of the hill, sweet chestnuts and acorns send squirrels into a frenzy of preparation. You can hear them scuttling over branches and drying leaves, frantically storing their supplies for the winter to come.

As Henry (my dog) snuffles in the undergrowth hoping to catch these interlopers masquerading as nut technicians, I stop to collect my own supply. The anticipated taste of sweet roasted chestnuts undermines the annoyance of their spiky coats keeping them safe and warm from prying fingers. That’s why wellington boots are a great addition to any wardrobe when tackling the outdoors – not just for the terrain but for assisting in prizing open those formidable green spiky shells holding treasures within.

The Meadow offers a magnificent view of the sky and surrounding areas. Sometimes, it has a cathartic effect of soothing frayed nerves after a long day or releasing inhibitions when trapped in ones own mind.

After strolling back down the hill and turning right onto the path that cuts through the middle of the Meadow, Henry knows it is nearly time to go home. He takes advantage of his remaining minutes of freedom by lolloping through the green, turning and twisting his body at a steady run so that he covers more ground.

All too soon, it’s time to go home and begin the day.

I hope you enjoyed taking a walk through the meadow with Henry and me.

Interview with an MDC Leader

As a freelance reporter, scooping a good story in a timely fashion was pretty difficult. After all, I had to hold down a proper job to pay my bills.  Luckily, my boss was very flexible and encouraged my ridiculous requests to have an afternoon off to catch the frequent riots occurring outside our ten story building in the middle of Harare City Centre.

Most of the time I went in blind; that is, I didn’t know what the riots were about and had to strike up conversations with people running from the military police in order to get the scoop.

In 1997, such a day occurred. University students had been staging riots across Harare city centre, striking against new taxes being introduced to pay for war benefits for war veterans who had fought in the struggle for independence over seventeen years earlier. In the midst of the ruckus, I bumped into the Bank Worker’s Union leader. He and I happened to share a space within a group of strangers watching the chaos from a street corner outside Greatermans department store. We were deciding whether to run down the road like the frightened crowds around us or wait. Most of those standing with us were shop workers trying to find a safe way home. As we paused amidst the screaming, running mob, conversation sparked.

When he heard that I was a reporter, he offered me the opportunity to interview him to get the bank workers’ perspective on the behaviour of the Zimbabwean government. A date was made for the next day before a military jeep interrupted our discourse. A tear gas cannister barely missed my head and shot past the rest of the group, ending up bouncing across the street to a shop aptly called Reflections.

Escape became our main priority and I lost sight of my news source in the choking cloud enveloping us.

To be continued…

Monday Coffee

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Monday Coffee

Hello. It’s wonderful to see you again and I’m so glad you made it. I need your help.

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