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So long. Fare well.

It’s time to say good-bye to the year of change. Not only have we learnt, as humans, just how destructive we can be, we have found that love, compassion and kindness still exist. It survives and thrives on the burning embers and scattered remains of humanity’s desperate attempt to survive.

In the midst of the horrors that have occurred over 2020, we have witnessed the re-establishment of communities fighting for their weakest, holding up institutions filled with heroes willing to martyr themselves in their battle against an invisible enemy. Some of us less brave souls could only clap in unison to express our gratitude to them at assigned times each week, whilst others made sure those warriors were fed and watered during their most enduring of wars.

it is sad to mention a minority who formed a thick layer of denial against the truths of what was occurring. They rallied support through social media to defend their stance that a dystopia movement was imminent; our rights were slowly being eroded. Yet, they used those same rights they were afraid to lose to undermine the safety of others, choosing to be conduits for the deadly enemy, both mentally and physically.

And here we stand now, with the weaponry to keep the enemy at bay but racing against a ticking clock. How fast can we vaccinate humankind before more souls are taken or our enemy mutates again?

As we count down the hours to a new year, let us think of those brave enough to battle for our rights to live. Let us think about the souls already lost and those willing to use their bodies as conduits to test the resistance of vaccines against an enemy capable of mutating itself into new strains of monster.

Use these thoughts to help you cope with the silent nights and empty streets. We are all in the void together. Yet, we move. This won’t be forever. So, stay strong. Stay in. Stay safe. Tomorrow is a new year.

Happy new year to you all. I hope to see you on the other side soon.

Happy New Year!

Dear Reader,

Taking this opportunity, during the dying throes of 2017, to wish you a happy new year filled with new opportunities, love and happiness. For those fighting the interminable battle of wills with the grim reaper, I send powerful prayers and wish you success in your battle. For those simpering in the corner, waiting for the tide to turn, I say, grab every opportunity to cross the great beyond and find your happy place. Don’t take no for an answer. For those who just want to live another year in peace and harmony, I wish them all the best.

As my phone lives out its last few moments (since my battery is dying and the little android cannot recharge to save its life), I want to reach out to all my friends and family and send salutations for the new year.

Hope exists – as long as we keep our eyes open to the opportunities. Don’t close your eyes this coming year. Seek out the truth and support it.

Happy new year everyone and let’s make the new year count.




Good-bye 2015!

Dear Readers,IMG_6106

As the last few hours draw to a close on a tumultuous year, I would like to send out a special thank you to all of you.  Many of you have been there through the darkest hours, when my mother was slowly dying.  Your support and love helped me overcome those lonely moments when I was ready to crawl into my bat cave with a bottle of tequila forever. Thank you.sugar-weight-loss

The wonderful posts I have read over the past year have filled me with laughter, dread, inspiration and sometimes confusion (over my own opinions).  Interest levels in different topics were inspired by you.  Motivation to continue writing – again you!  So, again, thank you.

Right.  Enough schmoozing.

2016 is going to be pretty interesting.  We have plans, as a family, to try something new.  If it works…well, things will be good.  If it doesn’t…let’s just say we will have a more interesting year than we bargained for!  As a writer, I’ve decided to move forward and not quit just yet.  Let’s see if 2016 is the year I break the market.  One can only live in hope and I suppose I have a better probability of doing that than winning the lottery.  So win/win.

I am hoping to meet up with all the bloggers in the summer for the next big blogger’s bash.  That is one of my big regrets for this year.  Being given a chance to meet the fantastic people behind the words would be an honour.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet one blogger this year and an increase in number only means my intentions to keep my blog running get stronger.


Right, lastly, I don’t do resolutions.  I make loose plans because the road is never clear enough to make definitive proclamations about my future.  Only hopeful requests and dreams.  So, to all of you brave enough to make resolutions – stick to it and good luck!

See you in the new year, which is just a few hours away.  Let’s make it a good one.

Big hugs and kisses to you all.



#Wensfriesday New Year’s Eve

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for New Year’s Eve to fall on! Our mid-week break, our mid-week treats! The combination of chocolates, cheese, pickles and wine. Yum!

As we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, let’s not reminisce on the bad things. Let’s pluck the good strings for a change and focus on what went right. Spare a thought for all those families that have lost loved ones over this Christmas period (there have been many!) and say a prayer of thanks for all we have, whether it’s a little load or a big one. For those who don’t pray, maybe thank your lucky stars.

I read a post yesterday and the lovely lady asked if I have any special resolutions. My response was no. I don’t like making resolutions because I always set myself up to fail. Lose weight, read more, study more, shout at the kids less. All these things are determined on what life throws at you so promising yourself not to react in your normal way is kind of setting yourself up for the big fail. Instead, I promise myself to be the best image of me. Take the time to think of what others are going through before reacting. Save some space to do one kind deed when the opportunity arises. Yes! Yes! I know…they sound like resolutions. My argument is – these statements are more a way of living your life, of taking a time out to do a stopover at decent humane behaviour before making rash selfish decisions.

Temptation is always there, ready to pull us back into our selfish ways. Maybe it’s worth the fight to resist, to reason and resolve to act humanely. I’m sure most of you do this already so it won’t be hard. The differences these decisions make on one’s life exponentially affects those around you and benefits more. Like a sweetie explosion!
So on this last day of 2014 I ask that you spend those moments you would normally use for making resolutions to resolve to be the best version of yourself. Expect failures, accept them. But pick up your best self, dust it off and put it back on again! You are the sweets, the chocolates, the treats of this world. It’s just a matter of sharing that goodness with others. You can only do that with practice.

Happy New Year everyone. May the best of your past be the worst of your futures!