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I found my killer!

The pressure of writing a novel in one month is slowly getting to me. I started late and have been playing catch up ever since. The mountain of words are sitting behind me each day are waiting to be vetted and used in constructive, interesting sentences. My usual style of re-writing sentences a few times to see how they fit a specific paragraph is a luxury I shouldn’t indulge in, but can’t seem to relinquish.

Well, the good news is I found my killer. The loose nightmare and storyline from hundreds of years ago has finally found its legs and is galloping along with me trailing behind. Whilst showering and deliberating over the tasks ahead this morning, one of the voices in my head shouted out the perfect link to my murderer. The cat and mouse game of trying to keep my audience guessing was keeping me up at night and at last I have found another twist that should  hopefully leave readers enthralled. Hopefully!! It’s a great feeling when the links fall into place.

There’s a lot of bulking up and filling in to do to tie up loose threads from the investigative side of things and I might have to email a few friends in the police and forensics to answer questions. It will be worth the hard work once the book is complete…in a month!

On the work-front, I have other books to complete before Christmas and another personalised story for a child I wrote for last year. I get a bubble of happiness whenever I hear back from parents about the personalised books I have written for their children.

Right, back to the grind-stone!

The Iron Pendulum – continued

I whispered, afraid the voice in the darkness would hear me and answer. Softly, ever so softly, I called his name, hoping for a response this time.


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“Are you comfortable? Yes? Good!”

Shuffling papers. The smell of incense burning somewhere in the recesses of the dimly lit room and cigarette smoke cloaked by mint gum.

“How are you today Julia?”


“Just fine? Could you elaborate a bit more for me?”

“Really fine!”

A heavy pause whilst pen scribbles across the pad in a frenzy of illegible scribbles. The annoying smoker’s cough blowing warm air my way. My nostrils flare from the unwelcome attack.

“Do you remember what we discussed last week?”

“You mean not telling my parents about you touching me?” I grin. The papers shuffle aggressively and another whiff of cigarette breathe blew my way.

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Monday’s fun!

Yoda, my Chrysler Voyager has been diagnosed with a broken clutch and damaged oil seals which have to be replaced. Poor car! Thank goodness I didn’t ask if the philange was okay. I’m not sure my mechanic watches Friends or has the same type of humour as I do.

On the upside, my daughter had a good day. She’s feeling better and had enough energy to do the dance because her dad told someone on the phone that he couldn’t hear them properly since his four kids were home from school. When asked how many girls and boys, he replied, “the oldest and youngest are boys and the two in the middle are girls.” She immediately jumped up and starting dancing, coming to whisper to me that she had been promoted! I asked why and she said, “because I’m not the youngest anymore. I’m now one of the Middle ones!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Another big thing is that I joined up to NaNoWriMo! Yup! Watching all my blogging friends and fellow authors slowly add their names to the list encouraged me to take the plunge. So after day one (day three for those who make up their minds faster than I do!) I have managed to finish just over 4000 words. I’m happy with the storyline which is from a nightmare I had many years ago. I had jotted down the basic details and promised myself to one day write the book. I guess after about eighteen years, that day has come! Some of my poems and notes for stories date back further than that so when I say I have a backlog of books that need to be written, I’m not joking!

Let’s see, what else is new? Oh yes, lots of lovely miracles happening to good friends and old friends. Whilst things might be a bit awry in our personal lives, the people around us are keeping us afloat with joyful news all the time. It’s a blessing to have positive vibes feeding back into our lives.

All in all, it’s not the most awful start to the week. Yoda will come back to us, stronger and with the full powers he lacked before. School starts tomorrow for all my sprogs so I will have a quiet house to write in.

Nothing is ever stagnant in life, unless we allow it to become so.

Hope you all have a good week and if you’re a fellow WriMo, please stop and say hi! I’ll be glad for the company.


NaNoWriMo – The Iron Pendulum

I think I’m going mad!  I’ve decided to join in the crazy challenge of writing a novel within a month.  Okay, I’m a few days late and have a half baked idea, but there’s the great feeling of icky nervousness and the cold sweat of thinking 50,000 WORDS!!

Wish me luck and good luck to my fellow writers!