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Monday Coffee

The wonderful sound of tinkling bells greeted my ears as I pushed the door open to the blogger’s virtual coffee house.  Strong coffee bean aromas mixed with delicious pastries wafted through the air, accompanied by the excited voices of bloggers,writers, musicians and artists.  I was home!

I couldn’t erase the smile that pulled my cheeks up.  There were my blogging friends sitting in groups, discussing their latest escapades; the main hot topic being the Blogger’s Bash Awards that had taken place last weekend. I caught sight of Serins and Trent waving at me from the stools up against the counter.  The place was packed tonight and I had to do the shuffle to make my way through the crowd.  

After hugs and greetings I pulled up a free stool next to them and asked how their week had been.  I had a busy one trying to keep an eye on Henry, our new Sprocker puppy and the children.  I find the puppy more obedient at the moment with the children doing their very best to drive me up the wall!!  I asked Serins if it would be worthwhile writing to the Queen of Flames for advice on how to train all five of them (including the dog)?  She just laughed and said I should do what I think is best.  Trent nodded in agreement.  Apparently he had been brave enough to write to the Queen of Flames. I pondered whether it would be safe to address the Queen and risk her wrath for an answer to my dilemma.  

Whilst my thoughts drifted I spotted Olga carrying a suitcase.  It looked extremely heavy and I had to go over to ask what was inside.  She smiled and pulled out a copy of her latest novel in the Angel Matters series.  She was going away on holiday and had a few copies to take with her.  

“You’re not the only author taking your books with you,” I informed her.  “Lance has sold copies of his book on holiday too!”

A loud bang drew our attention to the Blogger’s Bash Award Winners.  They were lifting Hugh, Ali, Sasha and Geoff into the air whilst champagne popped!  Everyone was called to grab a glass to celebrate the first ever successful Blogger’s meet up.  Promises were made for a larger attendance next year and we all toasted the hard work of the four for making it happen.

The night drew on with raucous laughter and jokes, reminding me how much I missed this little place.  I hummed the Cheers theme tune on the way home, still grinning from ear to ear!