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Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 – Love.

I couldn’t resist participating in Hugh’s Photo Challenge as the theme was in keeping with Valentine’s Day. Hugh posts a challenge each week, adding a special touch with his own photo on the theme and the story behind it.  

Here is my contribution:

  A gingerbread man with a heart might not reflect love, but it’s the memory of it that makes it so special.  This little gingerbread man was made by my children over Christmas last year.  So much time and effort went into his shape, decoration and taste, and it was the pride of the bunch.
We have always wanted to make a lovely gingerbread house, and we plan on building on our baking skills to that end.  

He was the start of something new for our Christmas tradition, something to replace the empty moments my mum filled with her presence and love.  

So, there’s a lot of love and memories in that little gingerbread man! 

Don’t forget to check out Hugh’s challenge and maybe post your own picture.  

Thanks for reading.

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