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Thinking Aloud


Thanks for joining me on this lovely Tuesday afternoon. The sprogs are happy playing their Minecraft game together and I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a chat with you.

I’m worried.

Maybe that’s a bit of an understatement.

I am scared shitless!

Image result for thoughtsYup! That sounds closer to the truth. You see, there have been events around the world that have been drawing us closer to our own Armageddon and we are dancing around like blind mice up the yellow brick road towards our own damnation. Don’t worry. This is not going to get religious, nor is it going to get solicitous in my attempt to convince you of your own beliefs. This is just me…thinking.

Remember years ago when the world gasped in horror at the atrocities of the world wars, focusing on the nightmares that captured the headlines but silently ignoring those who escaped punishment for their crimes? Let’s move forward, closer to the end of the twentieth century when more atrocities were committed in Africa and Russia. Tribes died, religions were massacred. Only a few faced the consequences of these actions, but most escaped.

Here we sit, at the beginning of the twenty-first century and, as humans, our gills are still exposed. We haven’t evolved yet. Vile, money-hungry monsters rule the world, voted in by us, the so-called sensible voters. Spurned by those who didn’t bother lifting their voices against or for opponents, we live with the consequences and the divides now building momentum. A sad opportunity for morals to silently slip through the cracks, falling into the abyss, idly waiting beyond our narrow focal point. When are we going to grow as people? Not grow in ideals and constipated beliefs in our inflated self-worth and what we should be described as or not associated to – I mean actually grow in wisdom?

I sit here watching an eighteen year old and nine year old playing amicably. I listen to their banter and their observations of each other’s work as they build towns, cities, surviving and creating on a simple game. Simple life lesson: respect those around you and their views. It doesn’t mean you’re free from the effects of these beliefs or the consequences of fighting them. But it’s your reaction that dictates the next five minutes. Blowing up someone else’s home with TNT brings angry repercussions. So does killing your neighbour’s dogs because they constantly bark (all on Minecraft) or building your house on top of theirs because you like the space. What will I do when it becomes my real home, my real dog and…oh wait. This is already happening to people around the world. I’m just one of many in a privileged position where I can turn it off and ignore it. Pretend it’s not happening – the same way my forefathers ignored the atrocities of times past.

Like others, I sit here telling myself that one day it will all come to pass but, for now, I will just keep quiet. Why add my voice to the screaming masses when those cries fall on deaf ears? Then the what ifs haunt me. What if I stood up and said it is wrong to block people from a country when they are being persecuted in their own? What if I helped at food banks instead of complaining that we don’t have enough for another take out this week? What if I support others when they lose their houses, their jobs, their families because of the government’s need to feed their excuse factory and blame the parties in power before them whilst patting themselves on the back for doing the same thing? What if?

As I said at the beginning of this post, this is me just thinking. Thinking about how long we have before we destroy ourselves with our greed, arrogance and intolerance for each other. Maybe we should all skin each other and realise that underneath, we have have the same structure, disease and delinquencies. Black, white, brown, green, yellow, purple, blue; who cares? Male, female, both, none; who gives a shit? We’re all going to die anyway at the hands of those we put in power. What if, instead of focusing our anger on each other, we focus it on those in charge and make them accountable for the hatred they are generating with their generals of doom? A lot of what ifs. I wonder, if you were sitting here with me, what would you think?


Monday Coffee

Duck! The media are coming and they’re after another story of horror from around the world.  Notice how the media seems to go through fads the same way children go crazy for the latest thing?  Whilst they chase the latest Dratini, dreaming of it evolving into a Dradinair, the media are chasing their distressing stories with gusto.  Given the increase in coverage over the shootings in America, bombings and attacks in Europe and now Asia, I do believe the media has a major role to play in all of this.

Grab your coffee and come join me on the sofa and I’ll tell you why…

I don’t like talking about politics or my great dislike of the media, but every which way I turn someone has an opinion.  Since you’re sitting with me munching on some home made fudge, I only think it fair for you to listen to my crazy ranting too! 

It comes down to this: the media feeds the violence.  Yes, yes…we all allow this to happen because we succumb to the temptation of knowing the dirt on the celebrities featured in putrid magazines with so little literate value, they most probably kill brain cells!  Pooh, I can hear you scoff.  Well, think about it.  This generation has been fed the general behaviour of lower forms of society and it has become such a norm that we don’t even blink when we see kids and young men and women using colloquial words/terms  or mannerisms that derive from rappers, gangsters and, dare I say it, the ghettos of America.  From Asia to Europe, Africa to the sunny UK, people are adopting such ridiculous standards of behaviour, it’s embarrassing! Now that’s just a low level problem.  Pick it up a notch and notice how the media feeds off the awful attacks around the world.  The more gore, the better. 

Terrorists must be celebrating: they are getting their 15 minutes of fame which is enough to incite others to do the same.  I agree it is preposterous to blame the media for the increase in violence; this is something that was going to happen anyway.  It’s the 24 hour coverage with little-to-no facts about the actual situation that annoys me. Feeding the panic, feeding the anger, the hatred and pain of the victims and their attackers makes we want to scream at the ambulance-chasing journalist.  Just yesterday, we had a story fed through the media about some swimmers who were stung by jellyfish on the South coast of England.  In reality, they were caught in a riptide and one person lost his life.  I’m not even sure if they found the last swimmer as I got fed up with the conflicting stories. Today, a post mortem report was given with the true facts, which dismissed the initial story that a wash of jellyfish had attacked these swimmers, causing them to go into cardiac arrest and die (that was the original story posted to the world!); instead it gave a brief statement from the coastguard with true facts and the somber report of the loss of one life. It took hours for this story to be printed but it was worthwhile reading. Why? Because it wasn’t a bullshit story bled out to feed the morbid curiosity bred by the media.

I don’t completely disagree with 24 hour news.  If there is something big happening, of course it should be told.  9/11 comes to mind. But media agencies should have a stronger accountability for the information they put out there and the angle they report from.  True, accurate facts with a supporting witness who isn’t in a state of shock guessing at the cause, actual objectivity and not heavily sensationalised bull to feed the madness that has already descended on this planet.  

People are dying everyday. Attacks are happening everyday.  Can someone guarantee they are no more than the attacks that have been happening over the past few years in different areas of the world? I suppose the hunt is now on to post attacks whenever they happen.  They are no longer background noise; just like the Pokemon that have existed for nearly twenty years. Now that the media shines a spotlight on them, we gotta catch them all…until the next fad roles in.  

Let’s hope it will be the publicising of peace talks and humanitarian work.  Now if I could just find a game that will make it cool enough for the media to pick up on it and hype it up – we might just start the next big craze: pretending that we are really the evolved creatures on this planet and not the poor cousins of ecosystems that have existed long before we knew how to kill each other so efficiently, through arrogant stupidity of beliefs!

Have another piece of fudge and I’ll go top up our cups.  I promise, no more talk of media or Pokemon! 

Late night coffee

It is with great pleasure that I share my coffee blog with you from a live location with an actual blogger sitting across from me! Yes, I was lucky enough to meet an author, blogger and friend for a Starbucks coffee earlier this evening after hobnobbing with wonderful intellectuals at a special workshop targeting the enhancement of Southern African countries. It was Lance Greenfield, author of Eleven Miles, who invited me to come along to this event and get a chance to promote my work to fellow Southern Africans.

The event was a success and I got to meet a variety of talented people in their own right. Lance was in his element chatting about his book and his friend Boikanyo who was one of the organisers. We were lucky enough to meet the Mayor and chat to him about literature, his term in office and the wonderful things he has achieved. His positivity and support for the evening was felt by all.

After exchanging details and promising to keep in touch with new found friends, we headed back to our lovely Bershire, but of course we had to make one special stop…at a local coffee house! It felt surreal to sit across from a fellow blogger and chat freely about things we could only get across in short bursts of conversation over the Internet. Lance chose a panini and coffee Americano whilst I stayed true to my classical hot chocolate and BLT. After filling our tummies and chatting incessantly, it was time to jump back into the car to continue the two hour journey back to my house.

Lance, ever the gentleman, saw me to my door, delivering me safely into the awaiting arms of the Hubble and munchkins. Promises we made for more coffee meet ups and hopefully a dinner too and Lance continued on his hour long journey to get home.

Thank you Lance for including me in your special day and I hope that the friends we met today stay in contact and I wish them every success in promoting the Southern African culture and heritage for the future generations. Best of luck to Lance and Boikanyo on their fantastic book and I am sure it will be a great success.

And of course to all my fellow bloggers – I missed you tonight and wished you could have been there with us for the coffee, the chats and the laughter. Today has inspired me to work hard so that one day I can throw a huge coffee meet up and invite you all from around the world to join us.