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Another year. 365 days pass to contemplate a union forged before God and man. A chance to reconcile differences and celebrate unity. One day to mark the occasion. 

Forgetting might make it as trivial as say…breaking a garland; a friendship ring, perhaps. Forgetting, one might assume it wasn’t important to begin with. No celebration required for something you don’t value.

On the other hand, mutual discipline on days like this where it’s claimed to be celebrated everyday in different ways erases the sting, removes the barb – the salve being the knowledge that nothing needs to be said to make it more special.

Relationships are strange, or maybe it’s just me. There are unwritten rules marking territories in friendships that deem it acceptable to forget certain things and unacceptable to remember others! 

But an anniversary? Who is to say whether it should be celebrated or not? Who calls the shots in the relationship to declare it a commercialised war on each other to buy the most expensive gift that will join the others in the materialistic world we live in? Then again, a simple flower and kiss with, “I love you!” can make all the difference between a gift and nothing at all.

I think it all boils down to effort. How much are we willing to do for others? What does it mean to attach ourselves to one person; to declare that this human you chose  is the one you spend your life with till death? Do we actually believe in that concept anymore? What do you think? 

Poem of the Heart

  The sadness within is self-inflicted

Giving my heart to a stranger, a woe

Time is as unforgiving as the witness

To the strangulation of my love that’s grown.
Each to his or her own danger

Of loving the jailor of your heart

Mine is such a tragedy

For I find it impossible to part.
Take heed from my experience

Keep safe the pumping organ inside

Save it from the myriad of tragedies

Blowing in with life’s flowing tide.

Pic courtesy of 7-themes.com 


Seventeen years ago, I proposed to my boyfriend. He said yes.

I said, “Why don’t we call the magistrate’s court and book a date?”

Hubble, “Yeah, okay”

So I called the courts to book a future date for our wedding. They only had appointments close to the end of July…unless…they had a free slot at 1.30! I whispered the news to him as the clerk held on on the other end of the line.

Hubble said, “So let’s get married today!”

A few hours later and several phone calls to family and friends and guess what? We got married! I got to wear a black suit to my wedding (a personal choice that probably broke my mother’s heart) and the people that turned up were the ones that usually made an effort in my life. Perfect!

I forgot to mention the reason why we both had a day off. It was to attend a family friend’s funeral.

After the wedding ceremony, we returned home for a quick toast and then made our way to the church for the funeral. It was a sad but beautiful occasion. As I stood at the graveside, I thought how quick life changes and how we can’t take anything for granted. The man who had passed away was only in his forties and left a young family behind.

Happy #Wensfriesday everyone and I hope you will raise your coffee mugs or glasses with me for seventeen years with the Hubble. He’s a good egg when he want to be!

Oh by the way, the special #Wensfriesday treat for this week was Kit Kats!! Yum!

What was your special mid-week treat?


Today’s my wedding anniversary. My Hubble reminded me about an hour ago as it dawned on him what the date was today! We don’t do anniversaries or big birthdays that often. Too many years I guess or a general lack of enthusiasm to celebrate one day amongst many.

There was once a girl living inside me who wanted to celebrate all the special days; the first date, our sixth month anniversary, the day we made up after two years of “going on a break”! That girl used to worry and prep to do something memorable. A nice dinner, lovely pressie or a visit to somewhere special. I can’t even remember when she disappeared, nor do I care. Life is easier without her.

Hubble believes that Valentine’s Day is a commercialised waste of money driven by corporate freaks trying to drain an extra pound from our pockets. He feels that everyday is special and we shouldn’t wait for one marked day a year to show it. After many years of hearing his rant, I’m loath to admit I do agree with him.

We have busy lives and there is next to no time to make special days that don’t end up in disappointments. Usually prebooked dinners end up with us staying home to nurse a vomiting child or date nights end with one of us working/writing late so we miss it! Yes, we do spend moments together but they aren’t planned. I hate plans. I’m always late or forget plans and end up letting people down. Impromptu visits and off the cuff dinners work better and tend to mean more.

Remind me to share my wedding story one day and how it turned from a fixed event to a 6pm appointment with a priest!

How do you feel about anniversaries and planning special events? I’d love to hear your special stories. xx

Happy Anniversary Hubble!

Pic provided by a-ten.com

Flash Friday – The Beginning of the End

Krak des Chevaliers/Qalat al-Hosn, Syria. CC photo by Jon Martin.

Today’s dragon’s bidding:
Include a marriage proposal!

Rules: Based on the photo prompt and including the Dragon’s bidding. Between 140 – 160 words. Enter your Flash fiction in the comments in the Flash! Fiction Blog, and add word count and twitter handle.


“Run!” I scream until hoarse. Retreating footsteps stamp through my waning consciousness. The room shows traces of life; neatly laid bed sheets, empty chairs and droplets of blood scattered like rose petals, just out of sight. My ragged breaths catch on dry air wafting through soft curtains. Eyes drift over the view. I came here to marry her, not watch us die…at the Krak des Chevaliers.

“Open it!” I squint, focusing on the memory of a small velvet box.
“Would you marry this punk?”

She nods, eyes dancing with excitement. Our kiss is soft…lingering. Diamonds sparkle in the hot Syrian sun.

I look down at my hand covered in blood. Screams outside draw my attention. Silhouettes dance across the hot stone. Rifle shots splinter, then silence.

Visions of holding hands, returning from dinner. Three men waiting. Hot fingers ripping us apart; terror screaming in my ears.

“I love you” stifled in solid stone walls, forever.

Word count = 157 words

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa(2014). All Rights Reserved.

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