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Betrayed By The Moon

Betrayed by the moonAlienated from her waning smile

Living in the fiery heat of noon

Reprieve lost in my sarcastic guile.
Drowning in the dewdrops at dawn

Flowers crying for lost embraces

Silence as the twighlight mourns

Failure to show the moon my graces.

Burning in the midday sun

My passion’s sultry dance retracing

The poor flowers’ happy song

Hiding blushes from their hearts racing.
Show me to the moon

My betrayer with her beguiling tone

Apologies might be enticing

When my heart cries not to be alone.

Losing You

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Burning for you
My mouth is dry
Wanting you more than sanity
To quench my thirst.

I want to reach for you
The temptation to pull apart
The delicate fragments of life itself
Just to have you.

Open up, just a little
Give me respite from this thirst
Even a drop will be agony
But a pleasure all the same.

My eyes follow you
Tongue driven to run over dry lips
Visions of drinking you dry
Leave me panting.

At last I’m close enough to touch you
Fondling every inch of your coolness
Throwing my head back in abandon
As I drink every last drop.

Always Coca-Cola!

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa(2014). All Rights Reserved.