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Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 – Love.

I couldn’t resist participating in Hugh’s Photo Challenge as the theme was in keeping with Valentine’s Day. Hugh posts a challenge each week, adding a special touch with his own photo on the theme and the story behind it.  

Here is my contribution:

  A gingerbread man with a heart might not reflect love, but it’s the memory of it that makes it so special.  This little gingerbread man was made by my children over Christmas last year.  So much time and effort went into his shape, decoration and taste, and it was the pride of the bunch.
We have always wanted to make a lovely gingerbread house, and we plan on building on our baking skills to that end.  

He was the start of something new for our Christmas tradition, something to replace the empty moments my mum filled with her presence and love.  

So, there’s a lot of love and memories in that little gingerbread man! 

Don’t forget to check out Hugh’s challenge and maybe post your own picture.  

Thanks for reading.

Monday Coffee

 IMG_0545-4It is one of my favourite days of the week and today I really fancy a chat with you.  Shall we get a coffee at our favourite place?  Let’s go.

It has been an awful weekend with sadness overwhelming any happy moments that have occurred.  So many lives lost over the past week, both man made and natural events.  As we order our beverages, let’s take a moment to think of the families left behind.  

Now I don’t want to scream blue murder, nor do I want to cry and beat my chest in anger.  No, instead I want to raise my cup to the brave souls who have held an injured person’s hand this weekend, or stroked the head of a soul leaving this earth, comforting them in their last breath. It doesn’t have to be under the extreme circumstances, life tends to give us ample opportunity to care for others through all walks of life. I want to smile and thank the medical teams who work tirelessly to save the precious lives of our dear ones and miss their own families to make sure ours stay intact.  I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.  It’s only in darkness that we see the stars appear, those beckons of light and hope in a world of confusion and fear.

As we sip our coffee, I’d like to know how your weekend panned out.  Did you achieve all you set out to do, or like me, did quite a few things fall off the list?  I would show you my plans for next year and how I have already set up ridiculous goals for myself and the family, hoping we at least touch some of them.  Did you know that this week, I will be one year older?  Not that it makes much difference as I stopped counting a while back.  My children thought they would do me a favour and picked up the habit for me, adding two more years to my age.  Such kind little sprogs!

How goes your NaNoWriMo?  Are you over the halfway mark yet?  My abysmal attempt this year has been hampered by work and a lack of motivation in my story.  The characters flop around helplessly in my head and should be fired! I need a fiery boost to get me to the end, which will be dire if I fail.  The children I have encouraged to take up the task will not be impressed by an adult who says but does not do.  What do you think I should do to kick my story into gear?

Of course, since we are sitting together, we should discuss cakes, even birthday cakes.  It has been mentioned how delicious the triple chocolate cake displayed at the top of this post looks very appealing.  I think this would make the perfect birthday cake, don’t you?  I hope you will join me for a slice as we discuss the future of my book and your projects.  

Mihran is just about to play a new song for us and before he starts, I just want to say thank you for visiting and sharing a cup with me.

Monday Coffee

IMG_4110-0Hi!  It’s great to see you again.  Grab a stool as the coffee house is buzzing tonight.  Must be the weather and the anticipation for NaNoWriMo starting in a month’s time.

I’ve been reading through so many excellent blogs and have to point out Sue Vincent at the Daily Echo.  She wrote a beautiful piece this weekend.  

Friends are on the move again, Colleen from Silver Threading being one of them. Others have suffered losses, had a family crisis or some upheaval and it is in moments like this when I wish I really could send out big hugs instead of Ethernet hugs.

Now that you’re seated and sipping your drink, I have to ask, are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?  I’m still not sure as I haven’t completed the books I have written over the past year.  It sounds silly, but there are moments when I feel the overwhelming loss of my mum and I hit a brick wall in my writing.  Silly excuse but a sad reality.  It has only been five months I guess.

Anyway, back to our beverages. Have you been following Trent’s story, The Halley Branch?  I would highly recommend it.  There are other bloggers working hard through their awesome stories, many of whom I have followed since starting on WordPress. I will try to mention them the next time we have coffee together, but I really wanted to focus on these lovely bloggers today.  

Before we leave, don’t forget to visit Hugh and give him the biggest hug ever as he returns to us after a break.  

I have to get back to my messy writing world so I will bid you farewell till we meet up again. Enjoy your drink!


Why the tear?

Bird is still here

No point in weeping yet

With nothing to fear.

Why the cry?

Birdseed in your eye?

Save it for when she really

Starts to die!

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa(2015)

Pic courtesy of weheartit.com

I Pretend

I pretend.
Pretending that I’m human again
Pretending that you’re still my friend
That you haven’t set me free.
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Can you feel my heart shake
Every time you hit the brake
Stamping all over me
Turning me into what you want to see?

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Stationery for a time
Failing to see all the lies
Quoting lyrics by the line
Friendship’s broken ties so blind
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Floating away, losing memories
Ground is gone, so is sanity
Flailing about, looking for hope
No-one’s around holding the telescope.

Wishing today could disappear
Holding back the tears, don’t make a smear
Frightened to shout or look away
Knowing that now might be your last day.

Reach out to me; be my gravity
Just for once don’t set me free
To fight my way through this anguish
So confusing; spoken in another language.

Broken dreams, broken hearts and minds
Hope a commodity so hard to find
Watch the ground slip from under me
Nothing to stop your life slipping away, free.

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014) All Rights Reserved.


Many miles to ride
Hope is always cleansed
Chasing shadows abide
That loneliness is my friend

Sorrows inside
Find a way to make amends
Shadows close by
Show that loneliness is my friend

Break down and try
To hold you close again
But deep in your eyes
I see that loneliness is my friend

The end is in sight
You might not comprehend
But forever by my side
Loneliness is my friend.

Copyright held by Eloise De Sousa (2014) All Rights Reserved

Picture from http://www.forwallpaper.com