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Mind your language“…

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Book Tuesday

Good evening fair brethren,

Welcome to Book Tuesday!

Today my intentions are to convert the unbelievers in alliteration.  Yes brethren, sustaining systematic synonyms simultaneously to create convincing conundrums that will titilate and tantalise your literary tastebuds is my mission.

  Sound advice has been given from my counsellors, Kiki the Black and White and Henry Carlise, the 1st.  Their erratic ecclesiastical evolution from cat and dog to human advisors is as logical as the moon jumping over the cow!  Their words of wisdom remind me of the sound advice given by General Custer to his men before the battle of Little Bighorn.  Maybe a pinch of salt will salaciously solve the senility of my decision to listen to them.

Without further ado, I give to you, the sound bite from my mentors…

Six sinful sinners

Only mere beginners

Set sail supporting superiority in the race revolution.

Unfortunately for them

Their rainbow redemption of radicalised rationality

Refused to include the fact that they too 

Spurned from suspicious specimens of mixed colour.

Now if you understood that, maybe you speak more dog and cat than I do!
Thanks for reading. 😊