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Happy #Wensfriesday

It has been a while since I’ve posted on my Wensfriesday post, but I just had to share my happiness and mid-week special.

I haven’t had a chance to enjoy a sweetie break – we did that the other night whilst watching a Star Wars marathon!  Instead, my treat today was tackling a job I’ve been avoiding for good reason…the patio!  The pallets have done their time and it was time to replace or remove them.  Today was the day of reckoning. 

   Now I’m no wimp, but the size of spiders jumping out from cracks and crevices had me screaming and doing crazy dances in the garden. I was not the only one! The children screeched when one tried to run up my shoe! Eurgh! I’m still getting the shivers now.After moving over 36 slabs, 10 pallets and supporting bricks, the majority of the area has been cleared and a new set of steps laid out.  Tomorrow I will finish the hellish corner that’s left and lay out the rest of the slabs over the cleared area.   

 My treat at the end of a hard day’s work was a lovely cup of Jasmine tea.  I guess I will have to celebrate a proper Wensfriesday tomorrow.

Have you tackled any major jobs today that have been bugging you for a while?  What was your mid-week treat?

#Wensfriesday is here!

Woohoo! It’s Kinder Chocolate for the kids and lovely hazelnut chocolate for us this week. This has been a positive midweek mixed with a few upsets.

My mum is back in hospital again – she has been since Friday. She developed an infection after her operation two weeks ago. It’s a case of taking the positives and squishing those negatives right down. She will improve. We will see her getting her dialysis and finding a little more energy. It will happen. 😁

This was my morning…discussing my ideas for A Tale of a Knots and the illustrations for the book. Throwing everything out and drawing a plan to move forward and develop the series of books so that they have a signature style.

Tomorrow’s my interview for a role that will give me extra time at school. I’m a bit nervous but I’m not going to worry about it until probably bed time when my eyes won’t be able to close and I’ll be panicking inside! A good time to catch up on poetry, writing, etc. I have the library to look forward to straight after so that’s something in itself. Okay I’m waffling and in the back of my mind I’m thinking of trying to phone the hospital again and maybe someone will answer this time. Oh and the thought that a slab of hazelnut chocolate is waiting for me after this post!

With that in mind, I shall bid you farewell to celebrate my Wensfriesday.