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Monday Coffee

  Frosty icicles threaten to hang off the nose hairs of pedestrians braving the weather tonight.  I’m sure this is Jack Frost’s influence.  The crisp air penetrates the darkness, sending with it the aromas of cinnamon buns and ginger cakes.  Hmm, the smell of winter and of course, the anticipation of Christmas!

True to form, our coffee house is not decorated yet.  Instead, the essence of Christmas is carried through the delicate confectionaries sold with the various beverages.  As I sit curled up on the tartan covered chair, I watch the usual crowd mixing and sharing stories from the week.  Laughter mingles with the clink of teaspoons against cups and that warm feeling of belonging ricochets throughout my body. 

Today, I’m sitting with new blogging friends who have kindly visited me over the past few days. The illustrious Patrick is explaining his love of monsters (well-written monsters I might add!), whilst Pernnille is thrilling us with stories of her travels around the world.  I love the word she is using to describe her passion -wanderlust!  I’ll leave you to ask her what fernweh means as Mark has caught my attention with his resolutions on how to be happy.  The story he has just shared about an awful childhood experience gets me thinking about my many awkward, embarrassing moments, not only in childhood but through adulthood too, and I cringe inwardly.  I figure this is a good time to refresh my cup of Columbian coffee and I quickly make my way to the counter.

The queue is pretty long and as I stand there I realise that I’m incredibly lucky to meet such talented individuals.  I hope you take the opportunity to come over and say hi too.  Excellent!  My coffee cup is replenished and I’m going back to hear another monster tale from Patrick.  Come join me at the table.  I love introducing old friends to new ones.  Bring your cup and cake with you.  I promise I won’t steal a bite this time!